Tuesday, December 29, 2015

D to K Cup Swimwear on Sale at Bravissimo

Right now is a great time to browse Bravissimo’s Up to 50% Off Sale! They have dd+ swimwear on sale by Cleo by Panache, Panache, Pureda, Free, Freya, their own up to K cup Bravissimo swimwear styles and more!

One beautiful thing about their sale is you can speed your search by browsing by you bra size!
They have swimwear styles on sale from D to K cup sizes and 28 to 40 band, or back, sizes on sale!

Click on this banner to go straight to Bravissimo’s Sale page!  
This is one of the beautiful Free underwire bikini tops and bottoms on this sale that I do not think I have shown here before…


I try to show them all, but life often gets in the way…

Best wishes for All of Our New Years! 



Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Freya’s New Cactus, up to HH cup, Swimwear Collection

This is another great way to start your 2016 swimwear wardrobe and receive a $20 gift cert you can use at Her Room until 1/2816! I am glad that new large cup swimwear styles are showing up at on line stores. I especially like this unique print and styling of Freya Swim’s Cactus collection!

These are just pictures below. You can find a link to Her Room in this blog's right column.

Freya’s Cactus Underwire Bikini Swimwear

This bikini is available at Her Room in sizes 30 to 36D to HH and 38D to G.

You can find the Frilled Hipster Swim Bottom it is pictured with by scrolling down, once at Her Room, and looking to your right.

This is the underwire halter bikini top in this collection pictured with the Cactus Swim Short! The halter bikini top is available in sizes 30 to 34C to FF, 36F to F and 38C to E.

Both the frill and swim short bikini bottoms are available in sizes XS to XL at Her Room!

As someone who is not considering bikini waxing, I like thinking the frill bikini bottoms’ being also a bit frilly at the leg opening will cut women like me some slack there.
The swim short in this style appears to offer good coverage too and I especially like the belt detail. Then again, it could be I am just a fan of Freya Swim’s swim bottoms. Also true!

I hope to see tankini and one piece styles in this collection, but have no idea if those are forth coming…



Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fantasie’s St. Barts D to K Cup Swimwear Collection

So far, some underwire bikini tops and bottoms of this beautiful bronze with subtle gold accents Fantasie swimwear collection is available at the same price at two on line stores I usually browse.

However, each store has its own advantages, and you can find links to both in this blog's right column.

Her Room has the gathered deep brief, which Bigger Bras does not currently have. Also we can take advantage of their Free $20 Gift Card when you spend $100+ at Her Room! Exclusions apply. Limited time offer, ends 12/18/15. Shop lingerie!

Bigger Bras has the advantage of larger cup sizes, up to H, HH, I, J and K in the balcony bikini top, which Her Room does not have… Bigger Bras also has larger cup sizes in the halter bikini top which Her Room does have, in cup sizes up to G and GG. Bigger Bras has that style in cup sizes up to H, HH, I and J!

Fantsie’s St. Barts Swimwear so far at Bigger Bras

This balcony underwire bikini top is available in sizes:
  • 32-40 D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, I
  • 32-38 up to J
  • 32-36 up to K

They have the halter bikini top in sizes 30-40 D, DD, E, F, G, GG, H, HH, I and 30-38 J.

Bigger Bras and Her Room both have this adjustable side-tie mid-rise bikini bottom.

  • Bigger Bras in sizes XS to XL
  • Her Room in sizes S to XL 
So it seems in general, Bigger Bras has the wider size range in both swim tops and bottoms, in this DD+ swimwear collection at least, for now.

St. Barts Collection currently at Her Room

If you do not need the wider size ranges Bigger Bras carries and want to take advantage of Her Room’s great perks; Plus a closer view of just how beautiful this swimwear’s fabric is!

If you click on this picture of the halter swim top in this collection you will find it at Her Room, where you can take advantage of their $20 gift cert, until 12/18/15, and loyalty points.

They have this style in sizes 30 to 38D to GG and 40D to G.

To find the rest of a collection at Her Room, once there scroll down looking to the right of their pages.

This is the gathered deep brief of this beautiful swimwear line. Click on its picture today and you will find it in sizes S to 2X.

Another thing I enjoy about Her Room, besides their perks, is their very detailed descriptions!

I often browse, and sometimes shop, both of these excellent online stores and highly recommend both!



Saturday, December 5, 2015

Fantasie’s Wakaya up to I, J, K and M Cup Swimwear line

10/15/16 Update: None of these styles are available at Bigger Bras.  

None of them are available in anything larger than HH cups where I am finding them now. Her Room has most of them, in limited sizes, on sale.

Most are available at the same sale prices at eBay stores. Just use this Fantasie Swimwear New with Tags, Buy it Now prices, at eBay stores link, then put the word Wakaya between Fantasie and Swimwear in their search bar to see what is available in this line now.

Amazon has the gathered full cup and at least one swim brief in this collection. Bare Necessities only has the swim briefs, but in three different styles, at this update.

Mostly the original post follows:

I notice Bigger Bras has a new Wakaya collection by Fantasie Swimwear in. The, looks to be gathered underwire bikini top in this collection is available in sizes up to I, J, K, L and M in some band sizes, as well as cup sizes D to H in most others.

Another thing I noticed is that the bandeau bikini, tankini cup sizes HH and I, rather than HH then J.
This is the 1st time I can recall larger cup sized Fantasie swimwear using I as a cup size at all. I recall seeing them go from HH to J…

Here is a look at this unique floral graphic print DD+ Swimwear collection!

Wakaya D to I, K and M Cup Underwire Swimwear

Update 10/2016: The Following are just pictures and I am no finding any of these styles in anything larger than up to HH cup size and only in some styles.

This gathered underwire bikini top, which has adjustable straps, you can find it in sizes 30-40 D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, I, J, 30-38 up to K and 32-38 L, M at Bigger Bras!

They have the twist-front underwire bandeau bikini top, which comes with removable / convertible straps, in sizes 32-38 D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, I.

While not included in the original post, I am adding this a picture of the Balcony Bikini top in this collection, as seen at Her Room. At this 10/2016 update it is available in limited sizes there, and on sale, in sizes 32D to G, 34 to 36DD to H and 38D to GG size range.

The underwire tankini top also has twist front styling and adjustable straps. It has a concealed bra back, (hook and eye) and is available in sizes 32-38 D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, I.

While it is not in this tankini top’s description, looking at the picture, it may have adjustable, draw string sides as well, or perhaps the bikini bottom it is pictured with…?

The one piece in this collection also features a twist-front, but with ruched torso. It also has a scoop back, tummy control and adjustable straps and is available in sizes 32-40 D,DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, I, J and 34-38 K.

Why the move from J to I, I do not know, but here it is in this Fantasie’s uniquely printed swimwear line.


Latest Update: 10/15/16

Saturday, November 28, 2015

25% Off Curvy Kate’s Vast Coordinating Smooth Sailing Swimwear line

Up to 40H Cup Swimwear line

Her Room has all Curvy Kate Swimwear, (and more, including older sale Curvy Kate Swimwear styles!), at 25% Off!

They also have Curvy Kate’s new, coordinating Smooth Sailing swimwear collection in! Here is a look at some of this nice array of large cup underwire swimwear styles that are apparently made to coordinate to create a wonderful swimwear wardrobe!

Solid Ink Styles of Smooth Sailing collection

This is the balcony underwire tankini top in this collection, pictured with the mini swim brief. This tankini top is currently available in sizes 30D to F, 32 to 38D to H and 40E to H!

The adjustable side ties of this tankini style and it’s front seams help make this a very flattering, go to swimwear style!

10/18/2016 Update: These are just pictures below and all these styles are now on sale, but sizes are limited...

 If you do go to Her Room,
if you scroll down and look to your right you can find these solid mini-swim briefs,
and the rest of this swimwear collection currently available, (at 25% Off!), in sizes XS to 2XL!

This is the halter underwire bikini top in this collection, available in sizes 30D to F, 32 and 34D to H, 36D to GG and 38D to G. The short style swim brief it is pictured with is available in sizes XS to 2XL.

Smooth Sailing Small Polka Dot Styles

This is the plunge bikini top style pictured with the fold over swim bottoms. This plunge underwire bikini top is available in sizes 30D to F, 32 to 38D to H and 40E to H.

the fold over swim briefs in sizes XS to 2XL.

It appears all the swim briefs in Curvy Kate’s Smooth Sailing collection come in those sizes!

This is the tiny dot halter underwire tankini in this collection pictured with the matching swim briefs. This tankini top also has the adjustable side ruching sides and is available in sizes 30D to F, 32 to 34D to H, 36D to GG and 38D to G.

Large Polka Dot Swimwear in this line

This is the Smooth Sailing large polka dot balcony underwire bikini top pictured with their skirted swim brief. This bikini top has side boning for extra bust support and is currently available in sizes 30D to F, 32 to 38D to H and 40E to H.

This is a view of the back of this swim brief style, because I like the mixed print effect and thought you might too.

10/2016 Update: Apparently enough other people liked this effect too. These appear to be out of stock, at least at Her Room, at this update.

I personally do not really like polka dots, but the mixed styles with them make them a bit more visually acceptable to me.

The bandeau underwire bikini top in this collection can be worn regular shoulder style or cross-back strapped, or obviously strapless. This style also has side boning and is available in sizes 30D to F, 32 and 34D to H, 36D to GG and 40E to H.

This is the large polka dot tankini top is also an underwire style. It too has the flattering princess seams and adjustable side ties and is available in sizes 30D to F, 32 to 38D to H and 40E to H.

I believe that’s all of this New Curvy Kate DD+ Swimwear collection they have currently.

I have no idea how long their 25% Off Curvy Kate deal will last at Her Room, so enjoy it soon!

Wishing you & yours a happy holiday weekend!

Updated: 10/18/2016

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

20% Off Panache Swimwear Today

Her Room is apparently having a Private Sale that includes Panache and Cleo by Panache!

If you go to Her Room, whose link is in the right column here, and find Panache’s Paloma swimsuit in the post just before this, it will take you to this style with a note saying the 20% off will reflect in your cart if you decide to purchase!

 I am sort of partial to their Anya adjustable side tie underwire tankini top, and those swim shorts pictured with it!

This is just a picture of Panache's highly rated Anya tankini, which come in the 30 to 42D to J size range! The one piece in this swimwear line is also available at Her Room, in the 30 to 40D to K size range!

If you click on this picture to go to this tankini at Her Room, you will find links to all their Panache or just Panache Swimwear over its picture there.

Apparently all Panache and Cleo by Panache are included in this discount!

 It does say Today…



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Panache’s Paloma D to K Cup Swimsuit

I have seen this swimsuit for a while now, at Bravissimo, Her Room and Figleaves and was waiting to see if other styles would come out in Paloma collection by Panache Swimwear.

They did not, so here it is, in order of Best Prices and widest size range:

Panache’s Paloma Underwire Swimsuit

If you click on this picture of this Panache swimwear style you can find it in all sizes 30 to 38D to K at Bravissimo for $78.93.


Figleaves has this style for $84 in what appears to be what is left of the 30 to 38DD to J size range

This is a picture showing the beautiful back of this swimsuit, which you can find it in sizes 30 to 38D to H at Her Room, for $108…

Her Room has the most detailed description.

This Panache swimsuit is too new for reviews at all of these stores…

It does look like an excellent classic swimsuit which would be handy for many of us to have in our swimwear wardrobes!



Monday, October 26, 2015

Several DD+ Fantasie Underwire Tankini Tops at eBay Stores

Not that I did not also find underwire one piece and bikini styles by Fantasie Swimwear when I searched their link I keep on my DD+ Swimwear at eBay Stores page, I did.

Not surprising as currently there are 2,677 New with Tag Fantasie swimwear styles available there at Buy it Now prices.

I just have a lot of scar tissue on my torso, and have that particular interest in the convenience of a two piece, with the coverage of a one piece swimsuit.

Anyway, while I am waiting to see DD+ 2016 swimwear styles show up,
here is a look at:

3 Up to F, H and G Cup, Under $30 Fantasie Tankini Tops

All of these come from Natural Figures, a very highly rated eBay seller! Natural Figures also has DD+ Swimwear by Freya, Panache swimwear, at wonderfully low prices! Well worth browsing!

You can use this Malola plunge tankini top, New with Tags link to find this beautiful underwire tankini pictured below, currently for $27.61 in the 32 to 38 D, DD, E and F size range!

The bikini top is also in the general Fantasie Swimwear at eBay stores listing currently too!

You can use this Fantasie Swim Kyoto adjustable side underwire tankini top link to find in New with Tags, for just $29.09 in the 32 to 40D to G size range!

Fantasie’s Adelaide underwire tankini top is just $27.61, but down to the 32 to 36E, F and H sizes

Just to give you an example of some of the styles, sizes and prices we can enjoy without bidding, new with tags when browsing DD+ Swimwear at eBay stores!



Monday, October 19, 2015

Bravissimo Up to K Cup Underwire Tankini Tops

Bravissimo’s own swimwear line often has DD+ Swimwear styles up to K cup sizes!
This is a look at the underwire tankini tops they currently have in sizes up to 38K and 40K at full price.

You can also check out the six styles in their sale department, in limited sizes using this K cup size underwire tankini tops on sale link!

Up to K Cup Size Tankini Tops

Their Cape Verde underwire tankini top currently has a 4.5 star rating, out of 4 reviews. If you click on its picture, at this posting date, you will find it available in all but two, (30E and 34DD), of its sizes 30 to 38DD to K size range!


The Cape Verde tankini top is one of the sale tankini tops, but in a pale blue color.

Their Milano underwire tankini top has a 4 star rating out of its current 16 reviews! If you click on its picture you will find it available in all of its sizes 28E to J, 30DD to K, 32 to 38D to K and 40E to K!


The Milano underwire bikini top recently came out in a new mulberry color. It too comes in sizes up to 38K. I keep wondering if this tankini top will also come out in mulberry…

Bravissimo’s Medina tankini top has a 3 star rating out of its current 6 reviews. It is available in all but one, (388FF), of its sizes in the 30E to K, 32 to 40DD to K size range!


I would browse the sale styles by your size first, then consider these beautiful tankini tops above if you are looking for an up to K cup underwire tankini.



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Print for Panache’s Elle DD+ Swimwear line

So far I am only finding this new print available at Bare Necessities, and they have these Panache Swimwear styles in sizes up to 38H and XXXL.

Elle Floral Print DD+ Swimwear by Panache

If you click on this picture of this balconette underwire bikini top now you can find it in sizes: 30E to G, 32 and 34DD to H and 36 and 38D to H at Bare Necessities!


Once there, if you scroll down you can find the fold over bikini bottom its pictured with in sizes XS to XXXL.

This is the underwire bandeau bikini top in this new print at Bare Necessities. It comes with adjustable straps that can be worn conventional, criss-cross or halter style!

It is available in sizes:
  • 30E, F and G
  • 32 and 34DD to H
  • 36 and 38D to H 

Both of these bikini tops have non-adjustable back closures…

Bare Necessities also has new D to G cup underwire one piece by Fantasie in their San Marino collection. Bigger Bras has more of Fantasie’s San Marino DD+ Swimwear



Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bravissimo’s New Aruba, DD to J Cup Bikini

Bravissimo own swimwear line has this new plunge underwire bikini top and two different swim briefs to go with it so far.

They also have a new color for their D to K cup Milano balconette underwire bikini tops and ruched swim briefs in. I am sort of waiting to see if make the underwire tankini top available in this new color before I post it here…

Currently Bravissimo’s own swimwear line has styles in the 28 to 40 and D to K bra size ranges!

Aruba Underwire Plunge Bikini Tops and Bottoms

This beautiful feather print swimwear style is provides 3 part cups with light padding for excellent shape. It also has adjustable straps and back clasp closure.

Click on it picture today and you can find it available in all sizes 28F to J and 30 to 36DD to J and 38DD to HH at Bravissimo.


If you click on this picture and scroll down its page at Bravissimo you can see the two matching bikini bottoms available. The one it is pictured above with and the tie side version both come in sizes XS and XL.

So far this swimwear line is too new for reviews, but a quick look at other Bravissimo balconette, and halter underwire plunge bikini tops shows good to excellent reviews!

That said, these styles are on sale with very little sizes available,
so it seem s likely that they would be an excellent brand to try
if you need large cup size swimwear
and want a plunge style bikini top!



Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Freya’s Pure Shores DD+ Swimwear line

Bigger Bras has underwire bikini tops, two swim briefs and the kimono cover up shirt from Freya Swim’s new Pure Shores swimwear collection. So far this is the only place I am finding this collection.

Pure Shores Bikini Swimwear up to GG Cup Sizes

Click on this underwire bikini top’s picture to find it in sizes 30 to 36D to GG and 38D to G at Bigger Bras. This sweetheart neckline bikini top has foam cups for a smooth natural rounded look.


This padded underwire bandeau swim top has self-tie gold halter straps and is available in sizes 30 to 36B to G!


Both the Rio swim brief style


And the short style in this collection are available in sizes XS to XL.


This kimono wide sleeve cover-up might be interesting with certain dresses, jeans, shorts and skirt as well as a swimsuit cover up. This is available in sizes XS to L.


I am happy that Bigger Bras is continuing to get new swimwear lines in and looking forward to seeing this trend in other stores, I hope…


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Sherbet Color in Freya’s Beach Candy DD+ Swimwear

Who has some of this swimwear line For Less!

Once again both Bigger Bras and Bravissimo have Freya’s Beach Candy up to H cup size swimwear collection, in its new, brighter color.

This time Bigger Bras no longer has a discount available for Freya Swimwear, but they still have slightly more of this swimwear line by Freya Swim.

While Bravissimo…

DD+ Swimwear: Beach Candy in Sherbet for Less

If you click on this picture below of this underwire tie-halter bikini top you can find it in all sizes 28 to 36DD to H and 38DD to G at Bravissimo currently for $51.54!


They also have the swim brief it is pictured with for $33.35 in sizes XS to XL. Bigger Bras has the same sizes in this swim brief but for $42.

While Bigger Bras has the same sizes in this underwire bikini top, as well as sizes 32 to 38C, this swim top is $64 there…

Bravissimo has the underwire bandeau tankini top in this collection in sizes 30 to 36D to G for $75.79!


Bigger Bras has this underwire tankini top in sizes 30 to 36B to G, but for $88

More Beach Candy in Sherbet at Bigger Bras

Bigger Bras also has the bandeau underwire bikini tops and tab side briefs in this collection, which I am not finding at Bravissimo. Click on this picture of the sherbet bandeau bikini top for find it in sizes 30 to 36B to G, there for $66.


This is the tab-side bikini bottom in this Freya swimwear collection, available in sizes XS to XL for $42.


I like both color versions of this swimwear collection!

What to You like in swimwear styles?


Sunday, September 27, 2015

A look Fantasie Swimwear at eBay New with Tags

Including some 2015 swimwear lines!

While Bigger Bras does have new swimwear collections in from Fantasie, here is a look at Fantasie swimwear available currently available New and at Buy it Now prices, rather than bid, at eBay stores.

Fantasie DD+ Swimwear at eBay stores

Currently if you use this Fantasie swimwear new with tags, buy it now prices at eBay stores link you could find 2693 styles. Sorted by Best Match these styles start at around $20.

Sorted by price and shipping lowest price you would see swim briefs from $5 to $10 and the occasional bikini and tankini top at around $12 to $25…

Using that link, then typing 38G, as an example, after ‘Fantasie Swimwear’ in the search bar there and found 26 bikini, tankini tops and one piece Fantasie styles starting at $18.73!

This includes some 2015 ones such as their Antiqua underwire tankini top for just $71.50 in the 32 to 40D to H size range!

If you like you can click on its picture to find it at Her Room in sizes 32and 34DD to H, 36 and 38D to GG, for $110. Still full price.


If you do purchase from Her Room, be sure to join their free Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon!

Bear in mind the Lascari's bikini top and this Antigua tankini top are just what was found, 2015 swimwear wise, searching for size 38G! 

Using the link to Fantasie at eBay stores, you can try typing your bra size after Fantasie Swimwear in their search bar and see what comes up.

It does nothing for mine, because most Fantasie swimwear styles come in cup sizes up to G, GG or H.

So if you, like me, need HH to K cup swimwear styles,
Panache and Curvy Kate would be a likelier choice…
Bravissimo’s own swimwear comes in cup sizes up to K, often.

Be Aware

While eBay prices tend to be cheaper than what we might find some styles, especially a current year’s swimwear line, at about the same prices as what are available in stores now.

Example: Fantasie’s Lascari full cup underwire bikini top is available in the 32 to 40D to GG size range on that page I tried for 38G, for $48.50.

If you click on its picture below you can find it on sale for $49.95, but if only 3 sizes…


So it is good to find we can check out eBay stores for styles we might want when they are out of stock in other stores, but the prices might be very close…

I do find it interesting that we can find full priced, 2015 Fantasie swimwear for less, already, at eBay stores.

I intend to look into other brands availability such as the above mentioned often up to K cup sized swimwear brands in the near future as well as checking out Freya in the near future as well!