Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New D to HH Cup Swimwear by Free

Bravissimo has a few new DD+ Swimwear styles by Free I am going to show here today.

They also have some I do not believe I got to yet, which I hope to show here in the new future;
the beautiful underwire halter tankini and underwire bikini tops and swim bottoms in Free’s Marrakech swimwear line!
Do not wait for me,
check out those beautiful styles by using the link in the previous sentence,
scroll down once at Bravissimo to check out the other styles in this swimwear line!

Their Muluka underwire tankini, also up to HH cup, and bikini tops and bottoms are beautiful too!

Free’s Palm Springs Bikini Separates

These underwire bikini tops have adjustable cups,

which appear to be similar in design to the side of bust adjustable underwire tankini tops I show on this site’s sister site: Shore Club’s Underwire Swimwear, which sadly only go up to DD cup sizes…but review well!

This Free swimwear style comes in sizes 30DD to HH and 32 to 38D to HH!


Click on the pictures of these styles and scroll down to view the swim bottoms that go with each. Currently Bravissimo has the side-tie bikini bottoms shown and the fold style in this Palm Springs swimwear collection in sizes XS to XL.

Of the three reviews this beautiful underwire bikini top has currently, one by a woman who normally wears an J cup was quite happy about how the HH cups of this style actually did fit her.
She also likes that the thin straps are supportive!

On the other hand, a different review found it fits too small…

Lately I purchased a pair of ankle boots a ½ size larger than my norm
because 6, of its then 7, reviews insisted this style runs small…
Now I wear them with thick socks
and an arch support insert to take up some slack.

I am putting a bit less credence in what reviewers say these days due to this…

Florence Bikini Separates by Free

This underwire yellow polka-dot bikini top is slightly padded for shaping and support and has adjustable straps and a back clasp.

These swim tops come in sizes 30 to 38D to GG and the side-tie bikini bottoms shown and other swim briefs are available in sizes XS to XL.


Dakota, Free’s Classic gingham plunge bikini style

These plunge underwire bikini tops also adjustable straps and back clasps along with the light padding the Florence bikini tops have and come in the same sizes as well.

Bravissimo has the fold bikini bottoms shown and a side-tie style in this collection too!

Currently all sizes are available in these swimwear styles, and the bikini tops are in the $44 to $57 size range and the swim bottoms in the $27 to $36 USD price range.



Saturday, June 27, 2015

Freya’s Venice Beach DD+ Swimwear, to GG Cup Sizes

This abstract graffiti with neon accents Freya line is one of the 3 new Freya Swim collections new at Bigger Bras! This is the store with the 10% off coupon codes on their pages we can use for Freya, Fantasie and the Elomi swimwear they carry!

Freya’s Venice Beach Underwire Bikini and Tankini Swimwear

This self-tie neck and back clasp bikini top is slightly padded for shaping and support. Click on this beautiful plunging dd+ swimwear style to find it in the 30 to 38C to GG size range at Bigger Bras, where the discount code is on the left near top of their pages!


This bandeau underwire tankini top has a wide back clasp, which also creates a nice keyhole, for additional support. You can remove its tie-halter strap. These underwire tankini tops are available in the 30 to 38D to GG size range!


While the underwire bandeau bikini top in this line is lower cut than the tankini bandeau, it has slight padding for shaping and support. These come in the 30 to 36B to G size range at Bigger Bras.


Both the Venice Beach Frill Hipster


And Classic fold swim briefs are available at Bigger Bras in sizes XS to XL and provide moderate coverage. However, with the fold style you can adjust the top fold to your liking!


Bigger Bras also has Freya’s new 50’s vintage inspired Resort swimwear collection too!



Thursday, June 25, 2015

Freya’s Deco Swimwear Collection

That’s Right, Freya made a swimwear collection based on their Best Selling Deco Bras! So far I am only finding the bikini tops and bottoms at two places with quite different prices!

1St, Best US Dollar Price so far,

Freya’s Deco Plunge Bikini Top for about $63.01

It is about because this is a Bravissimo is a British company. Their currency converter gave me that price for this bikini top today. It is located near the center of their pages and easy to use!

They have this style in sizes 28DD to GG, 30 to 36D to GG and 38D to G


Click on its picture above and scroll down a bit you will find the swim briefs in sizes XS to XL for $31.51 currently.

Deco Underwire Bikini Tops for $74

Bigger Bras, who also has a 10% discount code, usually, which Freya always is including in, so far, has these for the above price.
They appear to have the same sizes, as well as some in smaller cup sizes too.

 Freya Deco Underwire Bikini  Tops to GG cup sizes

They have the swim briefs in the same sizes as Bravissimo for $36!

  Freya Deco Swim Hipster Tie Side Brief

Bigger Bras’ 10% discount code is in on the left near the tops of their pages.

They also have some more new Freya swimwear styles in too! Enjoy!



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Her Room’s DD+ Swimwear Clearance Sale styles

Her Room’s Swimwear Clearance Sale is on! We can shop this swimwear sale not only by brand,
but once you get to your favorite swimwear brand on sale,
then you can speed your search by bra / swimwear size!

This is especially nice because I notice that while they have great sale prices, on swimwear still full price at other sites, sizes are limited!
Currently I am finding:

Among the brands I know have DD+ to K cup swimwear at this excellent sale event!

Some styles, I noticed by Elomi, are down to one size.
Others have a bit better stock, for example:

Fantasie’s Boca Chica Underwire Balcony Bikini tops, now $54.95, ($68 full price),
are still available in sizes 32D to FF, 34D and E, 36D to FF, 38E and FF, 40D, F and FF and 42F


 So this sale event is definitely worth browsing by our bra and swimwear sizes!

I would check it out soon, while the most sizes are available!



Sunday, June 21, 2015

25% Off Prima Donna’s Cuba DD+ Swimwear

While the Bare Necessities 25% Off DD+ Swimwear discount ends, I believe today or tomorrow, I noticed this unique Prima Donna abstract leaf pattern collection there. These dd+ swimwear styles are also available at 25% off with that code!

Prima Donna’s Cuba Underwire Bikini and Tankini Swimwear

These are just pictures of these styles below, but you can use their Up to 50% Off Swimwear! Use code SWIMSALE! Valid 6/16-6/22. and shop bra sized, or dd+ swimwear to find them at Bare Necessities!

The tankini top is down to sizes 36 and 38D and E

However, they still have the underwire bikini top in this line in the 32 to 38D to G size range!

Both of these swim tops are underwire with foam lined cups support style.

They also both have fully adjustable straps that can be crossed in the back!

Bare Necessities has the bikini bottoms these styles are pictured with, in Medium and an adjustable leg cut style in sizes Med. And XL.

All of these qualify for the current 25% off discount.

I am not finding Prima Donna’s Cuba collection anywhere else yet…

Like all Prima Donna styles I have seen, they are truly pricey…

I think this is an exceptional cut and pattern,
so if I were to try Prima Donna dd+ swimwear, this might be the style and time!



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

25% Off DD+ Swimwear at Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities has a great selection of Fantasie, Freya, Panache, Cleo by Panache, Sunsets, Miss Mandalay and other DD+ Swimwear! They also have some Elomi swimwear styles left…

The swimwear styles by these brands, and others are marked as 25% at Bare Necessities’ Up to 50% Off Swimwear! Use code SWIMSALE! Valid 6/16-6/22. event!
I do not know what styles or brands are actually 50% off, but 25% off large cup swimwear styles is always welcome!

Miss Mandalay’s Bardot Underwire Bikini style

I think this is pretty unique as bikini tops and bottoms go! This underwire plunge style is available in the 30 to 38D to G size range and the bottoms in sizes M, L and XL, at 25% during this sale!

One of the many beautiful swimwear styles we can try for less at Bare Necessities!



Thursday, June 11, 2015

New DD to K Cup Swimsuit and DD to J Cup Bikini and Tankini Swimwear

Bravissimo has a new DD to K cup swimsuit in their Medina collection, which has up to K cup bikini and tankini styles already shown here this year.

They also have a new up to DD to J cup Honolulu collect!

Honolulu Underwire, up to J Cup Bikini and Tankini Swimwear

This underwire bikini top has a tie-halter neckline and back clasp. It is available in sizes 28F to J, 30E to J, 32 to 36DD to J and 38DD to HH.


This bikini is pictured with the gathered swim briefs from this collection,
which you can find,
along with the rest of this swimwear line so far,
by clicking on this bikini’s picture above
and scrolling down a bit once you get to Bravissimo.

This self-tie underwire tankini top is available in sizes 30E to J, 32 to 36DD to J and 38DD to HH.


The swim shorts it is pictured with have adjustable side-ties and come in sizes XS to 2XL So far, both of these Honolulu swimwear styles are too new for reviews.

Bravissimo’s Medina DD to K cup One Piece

This swimsuit has good reviews, provides underwire support with fully adjustable straps and is available in sizes 30E to J and 32 to 38DD to K.


Bravissimo is an excellent place to browse DD+ Swimwear and their USD prices are often the best. This is also true of Figleaves.



Monday, June 8, 2015

New DD+ Swimwear at Bravissimo

Actually up to GG, J and K Cup Sizes!

Bravissimo has some new DD+ Swimwear styles in by Freya, Cleo, Panache, Free, Miss Mandalay and their own Bravissimo swimwear!

Bravissimo has up to J and K cup sized bikinis, tankinis and one piece which I aim to post about here later in the week, but do not wait for me!

You can go straight to them using this Bravissimo’s New DD to J and K cup swimwear styles link!

Here is a look at some of the

New GG to J Underwire Bikini styles

Click on this picture of Freya’s new Paradise Island plunging tie-halter bikini to find the top available in sizes 28DD to GG, 30 to 36D to GG and 38D to G at Bravissimo for $57.96 currently!


Once there, scroll down to find the matching bikini bottoms shown, or swim briefs in sizes XS to XL for $33.56!

Lepel’s halter underwire bikini tops are available in sizes 30DD to H and 32 to 38D to H for $42.71.


They have the swim briefs shown in sizes 8 to 18 for $21.35 today!

Both of these styles above are too new for reviews, and in stock in all sizes! Cleo by Panache’s Hattie bikini tops and bottoms are back in this new color!

They are also in the sale section in another color, in very limited sizes. Click on this picture of the new Hattie print to find it in sizes 28F to J, 30DD to J and 32 to 38D to J for $48.81.


This style, from last year’s color, has reviews to read. Currently 8 with a 4 star average! Bravissimo has the frill bikini bottoms and side tie ones to go with this style in sizes 8 to 18, both for $28.98.

Miss Mandalay’s Zambia underwire tie-halter neck bikini tops are available in sizes 28 and 30DD to GG and 32 to 38D to GG today for $70.16.

The swim side tie briefs are available in sizes XS to XL for $38.13

I say today on the USD prices as they vary, usually not much, but still.
Bravissimo’s currency converter will convert their whole site for you to your choice of currency.
You can find it left of the top center of their pages.

More later!



Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Up to H cup Antigua Fantasie Swimwear line

Her Room has the underwire tankini top and bikini separates in this beautifully colored print Fantasie swimwear line!

Antiqua Tankini and Bikini Swimwear

If you click on this adjustable side ruching underwire tankini style’s picture below you can find it in sizes 32 to 36D to H and 38 and 40D to GG! icon

Her Room also has this full cup underwire bikini top and the mid-rise swim briefs in this collection. If you click on this bikini’s picture below you will find it in sizes 30D to GG, 32 to 36D to H and 38 and 40D to GG at Her Room. icon

Just scroll down and look to your right once you get there to find these bikini bottoms in sizes XS to XL.

I have been trying, (well it is Free), Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon and like it.

They are a great place to browse and if you are shopping there anyway, the VIPoints program is certainly worth one’s time!