Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bravissimo’s Large Cup Size Swimwear Sale

Bravissimo caters exclusively to full busted women who need cup sizes D to L, band sizes 28 to 40.

Take advantage of their sale where you can shop by you bra size for swimwear, as well as other apparel, by using this banner.

Shopping Bravissimo

You can always shop by bra size at Bravissimo using their left column menu selections.
  • Their Currency converter is near the center of the top of their pages
  • Their shipping to places outside of the UK and Europe is a flat 7.95 British Pounds, 
  • which equals about $13.20 today, 
  • for the whole order, not matter how many packages it takes! 
If you are using the US dollar, Bravissimo’s prices on most brands are second best only to Figleaves on most swimwear that both carry!

Bra Sized Swimwear Brands at Bravissimo

You can also shop by brand at Bravissimo. You can pick them from their left column menu.

They have their own, designed just for full busted women, swimwear line as well as:
  • Cleo, by Panache
  • Panache
  • Freya
  • Fantasie
  • Free
  • Pureda
  • Pour Moi
  • Miss Mandalay
  • Speedo
  • Zoggs

and a few other brands as well.

Bravissimo also has apparel and lingerie in the above mentioned size ranges, well worth checking out!

I do not know how long this sale will run, but it is always worth checking out what is available in your size at Bravissimo!



Hoping you have an Excellent 2014 ahead!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fantasie’s Malawi Large Cup Size Swimwear Line

Figleaves has the balcony underwire bikini top, underwire tankini tops, two swim briefs and a cover up style in Fantasie new Malawi swimwear collection, but it is already low stock in larger cup sizes.

Click on this Swimwear at Figleaves link and check Fantasie Swimwear or DD+ Swimwear to find the bra sized swimwear styles on this page.

Malawi Underwire Tankini and Bikini Tops

These new tankini tops are still available in sizes 32DD to H and 34 to 38D to H, but low stock in many already. They offer underwire bust support, plunging neckline, adjustable straps and provocative keyhole back styling!

This balcony underwire bikini top is available in sizes 32 to 40D to G and 42D to FF, but low stock in many sizes already too.

Malawi Swim Briefs and Cover Ups

These Classic fold bikini bottoms are available in sizes small to XXL 

These Twist bikini bottoms are available in sizes small to XL 

And this cover up shirt 
Which you can fit nicely with its belt 
Is available in sizes small to X Large, but already low stock in small and extra-large. 

Like the Curvy Kate collection I just posted about, I think this is another excellent choice in classic black swimwear, this time with a bit more of a twist!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Classic Black Curvy Kate Underwire Bikini Style

Curvy Kate’s new Jetset swimwear is available in up to K cup sizes in most band sizes 28 to 40 at Figleaves Now!

Jetset Underwire Bikini Tops

These swim tops are available in sizes 28 – 40D to K but Low Stock in all of them so if you are interested in them just click on it picture below and you will find them for $55 at Figleaves
 Jetset Padded Bikini Top 
They have fully adjustable straps, and a regular swim top back closure with padded cups.

Jetset Tankini Tops

This padded tankini top does not say if it has underwire support or not. Even Curvy Kate’s own page for this style does not tell us. These are still available in most, but not all sizes, and low stock in many for $62.
 Jetset Padded Tankini Top 
The straps are fully adjustable and these tops are designed to shape and support. They also appear to have princess seaming below the bust, which is always nice for torso shaping!

Adjustable Skirted and Mini-Bikini Swim Briefs

This adjustable length swim skirt, with attached swim brief, comes in sizes 8 to 20
 Jetset Bikini Swimskirt 
As does this mini-swim brief!
 Jetset Mini Bikini Brief 
The bikini bottom is $28 and the swim skirt $39 at Figleaves. 

I am not finding these styles at other stores yet, but even if I did, new with tags at eBay stores aside, Figleaves has been having the best prices when it comes to large cup size swimwear styles!

I think every woman should have at least one black swimsuit and a combo of at least one each of these tops and bottoms would be very nice!

They also have new, up to G cup swimwear by Gossard, new Pour Moi? swimwear in cup sizes up to H cup sizes, since I last posted about them here.

I did not even know Gossard made swimwear so that should be interesting for 2014 too!

Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Already Low Stock Curvy Kate Swimwwear

Curvy Kate’s new Coral Reef bikini tops and bottoms are new at Figleaves and low stock in nearly all sizes in this Up to K cup style just below!

Balcony Underwire Bikini Tops

This balcony style bikini top is still available, but Low Stock in Most Sizes 28D to JJ and 30 – 40D to K. If you like this, act fast!

You can use this Swimwear at Figleaves link to find it before these large cup size swimwear styles are gone!

This is a picture of the halter bikini top in this collection.

These come in sizes 28E to J, 30D to J, 32D to HH, 34D and F, 36D to G and 38D, E and F, with many sizes apparently already gone…

Figleaves also has solid, with print accent, like the halter style above:
  • side-tie bikini bottom
  • and an adjustable side-tie bikini shorts 
 from this new full bust swimwear line from Curvy Kate!

These swimwear styles cost for $53, (both tops), $30 and $28 at Figleaves.


Friday, December 13, 2013

30% to 50% Off Freya, Fantasie DD+ Swimwear

While there are just a few Fantasie sale styles, we can get many Freya favorite swimwear lines at Figleaves current sale! They have Freya’s Cha Cha, Pier, Fever swimwear and others at great prices!

The 2 Fantasie Sale Swimsuits and Line

Fantasie’s St. Kitts whole swimwear line is on sale at 50% Off! They only have it in this loganberry color. This underwire tankini top is available in most sizes in the 32 - 38D to GG size range and up to H cup in some band sizes, for $39!
 St Kitts Underwired Plunge Tankini Top 
The straps adjust in the back which also has a nice keyhole effect!

The padded balcony underwire bikini top in this collection is just $27 and available in sizes 32 – 38D to GG and 40D to G!

They also have a gathered, and fold gathered swim briefs on sale to go with these styles!

This twist-front underwire one piece is the only one of Fantasie’s Madagascar Swimear collection on sale at 40% off and still available in sizes 34 to 40D to GG!
 Madagascar Underwired Twist Front Control Swimsuit 
This is a control swimsuit, designed to shape and flatter your figure and the straps are fully adjustable in the back!

Freya Sale Swimwear

Freya’ Crush swimwear line is on sale at 30% off! Figleaves has this soft cup tankini top, underwire balcony bikini tops and soft cup triangle halter bikini tops, classic swim briefs and the swim short pictured below at this sale!

 Crush Soft Tankini Top 
The underwire balcony style in this line is still available in some sizes up to G and GG cup sizes, for $33.60! This tankini top is available in some sizes in the 32 – 38D to F size range, for $44.10…

Their Pier underwire swimwear is on sale in its black color at 30% Off!
This swimwear line comes back in different colors each year, not unlike Freya’s Fever and now Cha Cha swimwear collection.

Just click on this picture of the Pier underwire halter, up to GG cup, bikini top and the rest of this swimwear line available at Figleaves will be on the right side of their pages! Pier Underwired Halter Bikini Top 
Figleaves has the halter one piece, underwire bandeau bikini tops, underwire halter tankini tops Rio and Latino frilly swim briefs and classic swim briefs on saly in this black color.

They also have the Deep Underwire Plunge bikini top in some H to JJ bra sizes on sale in its Iris color in this swimwear collection.

I do not know how long these great sale prices will last so enjoy them soon!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Color and Sale: Sophina to G cup Swimwear

Sophina swimwear seems to be Figleaves’ polished and sophisticated large cup swimwear lines. I am finding their styles in sizes 30 – 38D to G. Their priciest bikini tops are $50, tankini tops $57 and one piece swimsuits $90.

Sophina’s New Copper color in Twilight Swimwear

This is the new twist-front bandeau, removable strap, underwire bikini top in their Twilight Swimwear collection. It is pictured below with the matching deep fold bikini bottom. 

This is just a picture of these swimwear styles, but you can click on the other pictures from this swimwear collection and these copper bikini styles will be on Figleaves’ page on the right.
The tops are available in sizes 30 – 38D to G for $50, the bottoms in this new copper color, in sizes 8 – 18 for $31 

This one piece bathing suit, with moulded soft cup bust support is available in this line. In its new copper / black in sizes 8 to 18 for $78 and blue / black colors, and 10 – 20 for $75. Twilight Cross Back Shaping Swimsuit 
These are cross-back styles that provide light shaping. This swimsuit has one excellent review!

Twilight’s Black / Blue Sale Color Styles

The deep fold swim briefs pictured above are on sale in their black / blue color for $18 and available in sizes 8 – 18. The twist front bandeau bikini top is not available in that color. However this padded underwire bikini top is not only available in sizes 30 – 38D to G, it is on sale for $28.80! Twilight Underwired Padded Bikini Top 
I love the wide comfy look of its shoulder straps, which turn into regular, fully adjustable straps in the back. Sadly, the back band of this bikini style does look very much like a bra’s back…

So far I am finding no reviews for the bikini styles, but feel the sale colors, if black / blue works for you, makes Sophina swimwear easier to try if you just need up to G cup swimwear!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Freya’s Lindy and Jitterbug Swimwear Still Available

Plenty of women liked Freya’s Lindy Hop, including Busts 4 Justice’s writer, whose review of that line’s bikini styles you can read about here, where she calls it Her Favorite Bikini Ever, this is high praise indeed!

I very much loved the look of Freya’s Jitterbug swimwear collection, but pretty much have to hold out for HH and J size swimwear…

I am going to show this line 1st, just because of its great color! You can mix and match the Lindy Hop and Jitterbug swimwear styles too!

I am finding these styles, New with Tags, for Buy it Now, (rather than bid), Prices at eBay Stores!

Freya’s Jitterbug Swimwear, Tops starting at $33.50

The halter underwire bikini top actually is just $4.07, but only available in size 30D. Most of the other listings for this style you will find using this Freya Jitterbug Swimwear at eBay stores link today are in the $33 - $37 price range.
This is just a picture; use the text link to browse these Jitterbug swimwear styles!

I am finding a variety of sizes among the bikini tops pictured above, which basically come down to; Among the 4 listing for them, besides the $4.07 one,
apparently sizes 28C, DD and FF, and many, possibly most, sizes 30 to 38D to GG are still available.

Currently there are 3 soft cup plunge tankini tops available in this line, in the $38 to $54 price range. The available sizes on these 36E, 30 + 32D and E and a variety of sizes between band sizes 30, 32 and 36, all cup sizes D to F.

This is just a picture of this plunge tankini top, with its especially nice empire band with tie accent!

Fold and reversible side-tie bikini bottoms in the $15 to $24 price range.

Busts 4 Justice does mention that Freya’s Lindy Hop is rather unremarkable on the hanger, or lying flat, which is how you will see most swimwear displayed at eBay stores. She assures us that its balcony bikini top is very supportive and both it and its matching swim bottoms are very flattering!

Freya’s Lindy Hop Swimwear, Tops starting at $36

Actually the balcony style starts at $36, the halter at $28 and the one piece halter in this line at $41 today if you use this Freya’s Lindy Hop Swimwear at eBay stores link to browse these styles at eBay stores today.
This is just a picture, one from the above-mentioned Busts 4 Justice article, of the balcony underwire bikini top and the available swim briefs currently available from this swimwear line.

Sadly, I am only finding these balcony swim tops in one listing, for $36 in sizes 30 and 32D and DD.

There is an abundance of these soft cup halter bikini tops and swim briefs for $46 to $53 in sizes:

  • 32E / Small 
  • 34DD / Large 
  • 36DD / Large 
  • 36F / Large

This is just a picture of these sets, 
just use this swimwear line’s text link to browse these styles.

These one piece swimsuits of this collection are available in size 36E and a variety of sizes 34 and 36C, D and E.  This is a soft cup support style, and this is, again, just a picture of this flattering swimsuit!

Like the the balcony bikini top, there is only one listing for the  swim briefs in this line, and only sizes XS, L and XL are available for $21...

So I better post this now before what is left of these great Freya swimwear styles, from what I believe was just last year, go completely out of stock anywhere!

Monday, December 2, 2013

25% Off Midnight Grace Bra Sized Swimwear

I believe Midnight Grace is one of several Figleaves brands. Their swimwear comes in 30 and 32D to G and 34 – 38D to GG bra sizes. More affordable than Freya and the like and comes in flirty, unique prints and cuts for the attention getter in you!

Use the 25% Off full price items code at Figleaves today to try their styles and everything else there!

Heidi Chevron Underwire Bikini Tops

These new large cup swimwear styles come in halter and bandeau versions with matching fold swim briefs available! This tie-halter bikini top comes in sizes 30F to G and 32 – 38D to GG! Heidi Chevron Underwired Padded Halter Bikini Top 
This is the bandeau style shown with the above-mentioned swim briefs. This bikini top come in sizes 30 – 38D to G!
 Heidi Chevron Underwired Bandeau Bikini Top 
Midnight Grace’s Heidi Chevron collection is one of their newer swimwear lines.

Both swim tops cost $44 and the briefs $28, which with the inclusion of $54 underwire tankini tops and $60 one piece bathing suits, tends to be, roughly, their full price range!

Some of Their Posy Swimwear lines

A good many of their styles currently have polka-dot, stripes, checks and gingham prints.

This frilly underwire halter bikini top comes in sizes 30 38D to G, the balcony version in sizes 30F to G, 32E to GG and 34 to 38D to GG!
 Posy Non Padded Underwired Halter Bikini Top 
Theses bikini tops and bottoms their Posey swimwear line are the only two swimwear styles that come in this purple print.

All the others:
  • One Piece Swimsuit 
  • Sweetheart neckline underwire bikini tops 
  • fold bikini bottoms 
 come in a pale blue version of this print, also very pretty!

Currently Midnight Grace also has a solid navy with red trim:
  • Bandeau
  • Sweetheart Neckline / Balcony 
  • Underwire Tankini Tops
  • Classic and Frilly swim briefs
in their Noir swimwear collection.
If you like the graphic look, of tiny flower prints, or gingham, and wear up to GG cup sized swimwear, Midnight Grace is an excellent choice these days.

Today’s current discount makes this an excellent time to save on their already inexpensive swimwear styles!