Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Panache’s Paloma D to K Cup Swimsuit

I have seen this swimsuit for a while now, at Bravissimo, Her Room and Figleaves and was waiting to see if other styles would come out in Paloma collection by Panache Swimwear.

They did not, so here it is, in order of Best Prices and widest size range:

Panache’s Paloma Underwire Swimsuit

If you click on this picture of this Panache swimwear style you can find it in all sizes 30 to 38D to K at Bravissimo for $78.93.


Figleaves has this style for $84 in what appears to be what is left of the 30 to 38DD to J size range

This is a picture showing the beautiful back of this swimsuit, which you can find it in sizes 30 to 38D to H at Her Room, for $108…

Her Room has the most detailed description.

This Panache swimsuit is too new for reviews at all of these stores…

It does look like an excellent classic swimsuit which would be handy for many of us to have in our swimwear wardrobes!



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