DD to K Cup Plus Size Swimwear

Why DD+ Full Figure Swimwear

Swimwear is baffling for us well endowed, full figure woman! The move away from just a shelf bra, (speed bump look for us full busted ladies), is nice. Still, it does not supply much support for your breasts if you need DD + swimwear.

Underwire Bra Sized large cup size swimwear, specifically designed to support larger breasts offer far better bust support. This will flatter your entire figure and instill confidence whilst wearing swimwear! These styles are often a bit pricier, but even worth it because their bust support will make you Look and FEEL BETTER in swimwear.

Bra Sized Full Figure Swimwear

I feel that for the best support, especially for those of us who wear bras over G cup size, this is the best way to go. There some excellent bra and swimwear makers who make bra sized swimwear in band sizes 40 and larger and in DD+ cup sizes. However, they do tend to be pricey, but well worth it!

Designed just for full figure women

Currently in 2016 Elomi has two excellent underwire bikini styles for us in band sizes up to 44 and cup sizes up to J! Also, we can still get Elomi's underwire swim bras, which you can read about on their page on our sister site here.

The colorful twist front underwire bikini top comes in sizes up to 36 to 42HH and 44H. You can read more about it at Her Room, whose link is in our right column.  Or reading about it here: Elomi's Kaleidoscope E to HH Underwire Bikini Swimwear post.

Their Wild Thing Underwire Gathered bikini top, which comes in even larger cup sizes: 34H, HH, and J, 36 and 38E to J, 40 and 42E to HH and 44E, F and FF at Her Room.

Both of these plus size underwire bikini tops are $76 at full price...

That is the problem with bra sized swimwear, the price... I have purchased bras by both Fantasie, Elomi and more lately Bravissimo New With Tags, at Buy it Now Prices, rather than bid prices at eBay stores, for much less than the sale price of the above tankini. You can read more about that here.

Today, 2/9/16, I am even finding Elomi Swimwear there for excellent prices too! OK, here is a link to Elomi Full Figure Swimwear, New with Tags at eBay stores starting, as I write this, at Under $30!

Lane Bryant Cacique Swimwear

This Long Line Balconette is one of Lane Bryant's Cacique swimwear styles, which comes in sizes 36 to 46C, D and DD. It is just the top and it is $64.50 full price. That said they often have discounts.

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A quick look at there other Cacique swimwear styles show the same kind of prices and the same range of bra sizes...Beautiful, but only if you need swimwear in those bra sizes...


Full Figure and Bust Fantasie and Panache Swimwear Fantasie swimwear often has one piece swimsuits in bra sizes up to 44FF and 40J and Panache up to 40K, (possibly larger). They also have bra sized underwire tankini and bikini tops in full figure bra sizes with matching swim briefs up to 2XL available! underwire bikini styles!

Fantasie has plenty of beautiful underwire bikini tops which also favor the gathered cup style seen in the Wild Thing Elomi bikini top above.

2/9/16 Update: This Fantasie underwire swimsuit can be found at Her Room in the 34 to 40D to J, 42 and 44D to FF size range!

Like the above Caya underwire one piece by Fantasie, their best selling Bahamas underwire one piece bathing suits, a solid black version of the above swimsuit, has adjustable leg cut,

Also, many of their underwire tankini tops, like Fantasie's Antigua collection pictured below, also have adjustable side ties so you can adjust this swim top's side ruching.

Her Room has this tankini top at this update, (2/9/16), you can find it in many sizes up to 34H, 36GG and 38FF on sale for $70!

While Fantasie Swimwear is not considered to be a Plus Size style by Her Room, do not discourage you from trying it if you believe it might be just right for you, or any other style for that matter!

Fantasie tankini tops were the first swimwear style I really enjoyed wearing since I became a full figured woman.

Also, I have shopped Her Room, and used their return labels often. It is never a problem!

This underwire bikini top by Fantasie Is one of their styles Her Room Does consider to be plus sized!

It has been on sale for a while, so it is down to what is left of what appeared to be the 32 to 38D to G and sizes 40E, F and FF and 42E size range.

FYI: Fantasie is made by the same brand that makes Elomi full figure, bra sized swimwear. Some women wear Elomi’s underwire swim bras, which come in 36 – 46 DD to HH cup sizes under tankini and one piece styles and some wear them bikini tops.

My Experience with Fantasie Bra Sized Styles
Large cup, bra sized swimwear is pricey. Will if fit your fuller waist and hips, should you have those? Yes! I can tell you, and Bigger Bras also recommends Fantasie Swimwear, for full figure women. I wear their Fiji, but would have done better with their Bahamas, adjustable leg, one piece bathing suits.

I often wear their Moresco underwire tankini top. That was years ago and now Fantasie has full bust underwire tankini tops cut in a much more figure flattering styles. The above-mentioned Moresco top was pretty basic, yet still excellent!
Freya, Aerin Rose and other brands
I imagine Fantasie and Panache are recommended for full figure woman because they come in larger band sizes. Empreinte, Prima Donna and perhaps other brands also have large band sizes and some DD+ cup sizes. Elomi swimwear is a natural choice because it is designed just for us. If you do not need very large band sizes you might like these following other brands as well!

Most Freya styles I am aware of stop at band size 38, a few come in band size 40. Like Panache, you can get Freya, cheaper at full price, at Bravissimo.

Swimwear and Cup Sized Full Figure Styles

Pleasantly Affordable Gabi Fresh for S4A, Cup sizes up to H

 The Gabi Fresh collection at Swimsuits for All comes in mostly underwire one piece and bikini styles in our choice of cup sizes, (each listed separately), of D/DD, E/F and G/H, in the 12 to 24 size range. You choose top and bottom sizes separately for each bikini and the whole swimsuit, one piece or bikini are currently in the $98 to $105 price range full price. S4A tends to have discounts: as I write this, these styles are on sale at $64 to $68. You can view more and read more about these at our sister site's 2016 Gabi Fresh Swimwear Up to G/H Cup Sizes post.

If you click on this picture below it will take you to the E/F cup version of Gabi Fresh's The Lady underwire one piece, which is also available in its D/DD and G/H versions, as I write this at least..

GabiFresh for Swim Sexy The Lady E/F Underwire Swimsuit  

There is also a soft cup, zipper front, Gabi Fresh swimsuit, in all three cup size ranges, at S4A. So far though, the rest of these swimwear styles are underwire ones.

This is the E/F version of The Empress underwire bikini, which is also available in all three cup size ranges!

GabiFresh The Empress E/F Underwire Bikini

Many of the Coco Reef swimwear styles I find at Bare Necessities and Her Room are for full figure women and use bra sizing, such as; 38 - 46C to DD.

Coco Reef Swimwear / Bra Sized Swimwear

Coco Reef Plus Swimwear styles are available 16W/38C, D and DD, 18W/40C, D and DD, 20W / 42C to DD, 22W/44C to DD and 24W/46C to DD sizes.

Like Lane Bryant, I find the price, and I am pretty sure that $86 does not include the swim briefs, pretty steep and the bra cup sizes available not doing many of us any favors.

2/20/17 Update: You can click on this picture of Coco Reef’s St. Lucia Underwire Tankini top to go straight to all the Coco Reef swimwear styles, including the ones on sale, currently available at Amazon!

Always for Me has their own underwire / swimwear sized styles as well as underwire swimwear by other brands for full figure women! Their own brand comes in sizes 16W to 26W and you can learn more about them at Amazon's Underwire Plus Size Swimwear at Always for Me page.

Sometimes Always for Me swimwear styles get rave reviews from women who wear larger cup sizes. I find some their mini swimdress styles get great reviews from women who wear bra sizes 38DD, 36GG, 40G, and F cup sizes..Always for Me swimwear prices are so much nicer than, possibly all, bra sized swimwear prices. May well be worth checking out if you need up to G cup sizes!

Last Update: 5/18/17


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