Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fantasie DD+ Swimwear Starting at Less than $20

I am a big fan of getting full figure bras at eBay stores for a fraction of the price. Having done this for years, I often look for dd+ swimwear at eBay stores as well. I only look at Buy it Now prices. I am not writing about bidding on anything there, as I do not do that myself.

Here brief look at Fantasie Swimwear New with Tags and Buy it Now prices I am finding there today!

2719 Fantasie dd+ Swim tops, starting at less than $20

While it is true I am finding their bikini tops today at eBay starting at about $6, these styles are mostly in size 30 and 32D and DD. These come up, along with bikini bottoms a plenty, if you sort by Price + Shipping Lowest First.

Sorting by Best Match I am finding Fantasie bikini tops starting at $18.33 and tankini tops at $22.46! I like this Valetta gathered underwire bikini top as an example.

As I write this, if you use this Fantasie Valetta full cup bikini top at an eBay store link, you can find it for $22.46 in sizes 32, 34 and 38D, DD, FF, GG and H!
They have Fantasie one piece swimsuits there too, starting at $35.40!

The bikini top pictured is one of the pricier styles that shows up on the first page of the current 2719 Fantasie swimwear styles at eBay stores!

What I find if I search My Swim Top Size

I do the overall search of these swimwear styles by using the phrase “Fantasie Swimwear” in eBay’s search.
If I just put my bra size after it, “Fantasie Swimwear 34HH” today,
I get: 6 styles out of the 2719!
Oh yes, there is a reason I write about dd+ swimwear…

These styles $19.46, and go to $83.20 today…

I like their $19.46 Toronto Balcony Underwire bikini top because not only does it come in my size; it appears to be available in sizes 32 to 40DD to HH for this lovely price!

Also, I believe if I cannot find the matching swim bottoms, I think it would go will with, possibly:

  • Black
  • White
  • or the just right shades of Blue or Grey in the print 

Or just play around with it a bit, and see if I can make a match I like.

Anyway, this is just Fantasie swimwear. We can find plenty of dd+ Swimwear styles at eBay stores

  • Nicely priced
  • At Buy it Now, rather than Bid prices
  • New, with Tags 

By other great brands like:
  • Panache
  • Freya
  • Elomi 

and more!



Tuesday, August 19, 2014

50% to 70% Off DD+ Swimwear at Figleaves

I am finding Fantasie swimwear at 30% to 60% Off  :  Freya bikini tops at up to 60% Off, swim briefs at up to 70% Off  :  Panache at 30% to 50% Off and Figleaves has so many more brands that make excellent dd+ swimwear and full figure underwire swimwear on sale at their UP to 50% Off Swim Sale!

Click on Freya’s Revival underwire bikini top, on sale for $46.20 and available in most sizes in the 28 to 38D to GG size range, and you can find Figleaves’ Swim Sale Up to 50% Off banner to take you to the rest of these Swim Sale styles!
 Revival Underwired Sweetheart Padded Bikini Top 

I would shop this sale soon and by your swimwear sizes, to get the maximum selection in your sizes!



Saturday, August 16, 2014

Up to 70% Off Clearance DD+ Swimwear

Right now Bare Necessities has 178 DD+ Swimwear styles in their Clearance Swimwear!

They have styles by great brands like Panache, and Cleo by Panache, Fantasie, Curvy Kate, Prima Donna, Swim Systems, Sunsets, Freya Swimwear and more!

You can use this Up to 70% Off Clearance Items at link
  • Then select Women’s
  • Then Swimwear 
  • Then DD+ Swimsuits 
From their left column menu to go straight to these styles.

Sizes are likely limited, so shopping by your swimwear sizes will likely be best to speed your browsing.

Enjoy the rest of summer!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

$15 Off DD+ Swimwear

I do not know how long this will last but currently we can find a $15 off purchases of $60 discount code at the top of Figleaves pages!

Figleaves has an excellent selection of DD to JJ cup swimwear by great brands like Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Curvy Kate, Pour Moi and more!

Click on this picture of Freya Swimwear’s new Tula banded underwire halter bikini top and you will find the discount code above its description at Figleaves!
 Tula Underwired Banded Halter Bikini Top 
There is also an underwire halter tankini top in their new Tula collection,
but it is already down to just a few sizes…

Keeping it brief for the same reasons I have not been posting here as much as I would like this month…
Sorry about that.

Enjoy this discount while it is on!