Sunday, November 30, 2014

25% Off New DD+ Swimwear Styles

Everything I mentioned in my last post here, but now at 25% Off at Figleaves! Here is a look as some new colors in popular Freya Swimwear styles we can enjoy for less at Figleaves Black Friday Event 25% off - enter code FRIDAY25 at checkout. event, which is still on this Sunday 11/30.

New Colors in Freya’s Cherish, Spirit and Revival Swimwear lines

Starting with the brightest of these new color, Freya’s Revival swimwear collection is available at Figleaves in this new Sorbet color in this underwire bikini top, (up to GG cup sizes), a bandeau style, (up to G cup sizes), and a bandeau tankini top, ( up to GG cup sizes), with Hipster and Rio bikini briefs to match!
 Revival Underwired Sweetheart Padded Bikini Top 

They have this sweetheart neckline and a halter underwire bikini tops in this new coral color so far in Freya’s Spirit swimwear collection, with matching classic and side tie Rio swim briefs available.
 Spirit Underwired Sweetheart Padded Bikini Top 

This is the new jade color in Freya’s Cherish Pin Spot swimwear line.
So far Figleaves has this new color in this swimwear collection’s
  • underwire halter tankini below
  • halter bikini top
  • bandeau bikini top 
  • and currently a matching classic swim brief 
  • and Rio bikini briefs, (with slight ruffle accent at their hips), 
are available to go with these swim separates.
 Cherish Pin Spot Underwired 50's Halter Tankini Top 

A tiny view of new, usually up to G cup size, dd+ swimwear styles we can enjoy at 25% off at Figleaves now!


Thursday, November 27, 2014

20% Off DD+ Swimwear and more at Figleaves

Figleaves has a vast collection of DD+ Swimwear by great brands like Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, Panache, Pour Moi? and others. Quite often they have had the best full prices on these swimwear brands all year!

They usually have plenty of new d plus swimwear styles, actually up to K cup, G cup being the norm., sizes! Today is the last day of their Thanksgiving Sale - 20% off everything full price! Use code TWENTY at checkout! discount. Here is a look at some of the new

Panache Annalise Underwire Bikini and Tankini Tops

The contrasting side panel of this tankini top style helps visually create an hour glass figure. Both this tankini top and the bikini top in this swimwear line provide moulded underwire bust support and come in the 30 to 38D to H size range at Figleaves!
 Annalise Underwired Moulded Balconnet Tankini Top 

They also have the swim briefs this tankini top is pictured in in sizes 8 to 20. Annalise Underwired Moulded Balconnet Bikini Top 

This is the bikini top from this new, (to me at least), Panache swimwear line.

Enjoy! & have great holiday weekend!


Monday, November 24, 2014

25% Off Curvy Kate DD+ Swimwear

Her Room has Curvy Kate dd+ swimwear, bras and more on sale at 25% Off! Again, I wish I could tell you for how long but…Meanwhile, enjoy this sale while it is on if you can! The bikini tops are mostly $40, tankini tops $50 and swim bottoms $8 to $25.

25% Off Best Selling Tankini and Bikini Tops

These two underwire tankini tops are available in at least 6 sizes as I write this for $49.95 each. Click on their pictures to learn more about them at Her Room! icon
They do not seem to have the swim bottoms for these styles, but I imagine your favorite black swim briefs or bikini bottoms would work nicely!

 icon icon 

Their Bird of Paradise underwire bikini tops shown below, the halter version and the tankini top are all on sale! This one is available in 15 sizes in cup sizes up to FF, G and GG in some! icon Although I am not finding any swim bottoms from this line…

In the interesting of getting this info to you before more sizes and styles leave Her Room, I will cut this post short.



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New and other Panache DD+ Swimwear at 20% Off

I do not know how long this will last but Her Room’s 20% Off Friends and Family Sale is on, and it includes New Panache DD+ swimwear styles I found there!

Here is a look at these new styles. Currently, if you click on their pictures, this discount is mentioned. It does say the discount does not apply to colors already on sale, but does assure you that you will see the discount in your shopping bag.

Panache’s New Marina Swimwear line

The Marina bandeau one piece swimsuit below is available in the 30 to 38D to G size range. It has hidden contour underwire cups. These cups are vertically seamed and lightly padded for modesty and shape! icon This one piece comes with an adjustable / removable, shoulder straps that are show cross-back style at Her Room.

Marina Wear it 3 Ways Bikini Tops

They also have the bandeau swim top in this line in the same size range.
This style can be worn as shown, with the removable center spiral cord,
or with the adjustable, removable, shoulder straps that come with it,
or strapless!

This underwire bikini top has the same bust support as the one piece, but with additional side boning! icon They also have the folded swim brief in sizes XS to 3X, or 8 to 20, to go with the bikini tops.

New Veronica Swimwear Color, Cassis

Her Room has this tankini top, and other Veronica swimwear styles, in their previous colors on sale.

Now is a good time to enjoy the new color at 20% Off, or the sale styles if they are available in your size and you like them!

This floating hidden underwire tankini top is available in sizes 30F and FF and the 32 to 38DD to J size range!
The molded underwire bikini top in this style is also available the nearly the same size range and is available in the new color at 20% off as well! icon
Her Room also has the one piece in the new, and sale, colors in this Veronica swimwear collection. It comes in sizes up to 30K and 32 to 38J! They have two different swim bottoms to go with the Veronica swim tops too!

New Black Spot Britt Swimwear color

This is the Britt balconette in its new color. They still have the navy spot color, on sale too as well as the halter bikini tops, and two bikini bottom styles in these two prints.

This underwire balconette can be worn strapless or with the adjustable straps that come with it. They also have side boning for extra support! This style comes in the 30 to 38D to H size range! icon
Her Room has a good selection of new styles we can enjoy with their current Panache 20% off discount and sale styles to.

A great time to shop Panache Swimwear at Her Room!



Sunday, November 2, 2014

Natural Figures for DD+ Swimwear

August 2nd 2015 Update

The styles shown here for comparison may well be gone, but Natural Figures, the eBay store is still with us and well worth browsing!

Two weeks ago now, when I was browsing eBay stores for Freya Swimwear at Buy it Now Prices New with Tags, I noticed that the styles I narrowed my search down to came from Natural Figures, which is an eBay Store.

Not at all surprising, as they say they have a vast selection of bras from the 28AA to 44H size range at up to 75% off. I found their swimwear by brands like Fantasie, Panache, Freya and others to be equally as vast, nicely priced and in sizes up to K cup sizes as well!

Some $16 to $23, up to FF, GG and HH Cup Freya Bikini Tops

Here are some of these styles that have not changed much in price, or size availbablity in the weeks it has taken me to get to posting this. You can use this Freya Calypso Balcony Underwire Bikini top link to find it for approx. $22.38 in sizes 32, 36 and 38 in GG, H and HH cup sizes.
This it just its picture below.

You can click on this picture of Freya’s Cabaret Plunge Tankini to find it in just size 36G for $27.90 at Amazon.
Or use this Freya’s Cabaret Plunge Tankini at Natural Figures link to find it for about $22.38 in many (possibly all, I lack the time to check them all), of the 30 to 38D to GG size range! The product link

8/2015 Update: Amazon no longer has this style, but this is a picture of it.

You can use this Freya style pictured below using this Coco De Ville Low Plunge Bikini top link to find it for approx. $16 in the 30 to 38D to GG size range at Natural Figures.

This halter style pictured below is about $16 as well. You can use this Freya Swim Coco De Ville Halter Bikini top link to find it in the 30 to 38D to FF size range there.

Yes, it took about two weeks of checking back to these styles above to realize they all came from this Natural Figures eBay store!OK. I have Way Too Much going on these days...

One Very Helpful Search Extra at Natural Figures

While trying the search by bra size, (34HH), after selecting Freya swimwear, at this store I noticed this:
  • They only came up with one style when I asked for, however in their left column they also show: 
  • 2 Panache Swimwear styles
  • 2 Panache Super Bras
  • 2 Fantasie Bras
  • 1 Freya Bra
  • and 1 Maternity style For me, 
with their excellent prices, this makes it a great place to browse bras while browsing swimwear for great deals!

Out of curiosity I then looked for size 34H and just as I suspected, there are more of the additionally suggested styles in their left menu!

Naturally if you are looking for sizes in the D to G size range, all of these eBay stores, just like others online stores, will have a great deal more for you to choose from!