Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DD+ Cleo by Panache Swimwear on Sale

Currently Figleaves still has some of Cleo by Panache Cassie swimwear styles on sale, but sizes are limited. They also have some of their Lexie Swimwear line on sale, in more sizes!

Other than that, their prices on Cleo swimwear are comparable, or more sometimes that Bravissimo’s sale prices for the same styles.

Some Cleo Sale DD+ Swimwear styles at Bravissimo

Cleo’s Hattie bikini top is still available in all sizes 28F to J, 30DD to J and 32 to 38D to J, for $50.12, which is still full price.

The rest of the styles below are on sale. If you like any of the following styles you can click on their pictures to go straight to them at Bravissimo!


The rest of these styles featured below have approximately ¾ to 1/3 of their sizes left as I write this…

This Matilda plunge bikini top is the next best available Cleo sale style size wise. Now most of the 28 to 38D to G size range for $42.29.


Cleo’s Betty halter bikini top is down to what is left in the 28 to 34D to H size range for $38.37.


Their Lucille bandeau bikini top is down to some of sizes 28 to 32D to G and sizes 38D to F, on sale for $43.86.


Naturally Bravissimo has plenty of other brands of swimwear on sale now as well.

We can browse their styles by our bra band and cup sizes, brand and other handy ways to speed our search there too.



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