Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Freya’s New Cactus, up to HH cup, Swimwear Collection

This is another great way to start your 2016 swimwear wardrobe and receive a $20 gift cert you can use at Her Room until 1/2816! I am glad that new large cup swimwear styles are showing up at on line stores. I especially like this unique print and styling of Freya Swim’s Cactus collection!

These are just pictures below. You can find a link to Her Room in this blog's right column.

Freya’s Cactus Underwire Bikini Swimwear

This bikini is available at Her Room in sizes 30 to 36D to HH and 38D to G.

You can find the Frilled Hipster Swim Bottom it is pictured with by scrolling down, once at Her Room, and looking to your right.

This is the underwire halter bikini top in this collection pictured with the Cactus Swim Short! The halter bikini top is available in sizes 30 to 34C to FF, 36F to F and 38C to E.

Both the frill and swim short bikini bottoms are available in sizes XS to XL at Her Room!

As someone who is not considering bikini waxing, I like thinking the frill bikini bottoms’ being also a bit frilly at the leg opening will cut women like me some slack there.
The swim short in this style appears to offer good coverage too and I especially like the belt detail. Then again, it could be I am just a fan of Freya Swim’s swim bottoms. Also true!

I hope to see tankini and one piece styles in this collection, but have no idea if those are forth coming…



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