Monday, June 23, 2014

10% Off New Fantasie DD+ Swimwear Line

Fantasie’s Award Winning Swimwear is still 10% Off at Her Room! You can read about why here. Her Room and Figleaves both have Fantasie’s new Santa Rosa collection, but Her Room has the 10% off discount and the underwire tankini top in this collection and Figleaves does not, yet anyway…

Fantasie’s Santa Rosa Swimwear

No doubt one of the reasons Fantasie got best Curvy Girl, (& average women), swimwear brand award at Her Room is because, like this new underwire tankini top, many of theirs come in sizes like 32 to 38D to H and 40D to GG!

icon icon

This tankini top has side boning as well as underwire support! Great for dd cup and larger swimwear!

Other reasons Fantasie is a great choice if you are looking for plus size underwire swimwear:
  • Many of their tankini styles have adjustable side-ties
  • Many of their matching swim briefs come in sizes up to XXL. 
The fold bikini bottom is available in sizes up to XXL and the side tie in sizes up to XL at Her Room in this Santa Rosa line.
Both Her Room and Figleaves have the Gathered balcony underwire bikini top in this swimwear line.

However Figleaves is down to just a few sizes in it, for $72 
Click on its picture to find it on sale for $64.80 and available in the same sizes as the tankini tops!

Likewise the twist-front bandeau, available in a few sizes at Figleaves, for $72 and on sale at $64.80 in sizes 32 to 38D to G at Her Room!

This bandeau bikini top has high sides with side boning for the best strapless bust support! Naturally it comes with removable / wide-set tie-halter straps too! 

Her Room’s 10% Off this Award winning swimwear brand seems to include all their swimwear styles.

This is great, but I still do not know when this ends.
Please take advantage of it soon.
I wear Fantasie swimwear and I would if I could indulge in some new styles now.
This is a great way to do it!



Friday, June 20, 2014

Up to 50% Off DD+ Swimwear Sale

Currently we can enjoy Figleaves up to 50% Off end of season sale prices for Pureda, Pour Moi, Cleo by Panache, Panache, Fantasie, Freya Swim and more!
This is especially nice because this Figleaves tends to have the lowest full prices on these dd cup swimwear to begin with!

They also have styles at up to 70% off, but sizes get more limited….

So shop this sale by your size to see the best prices in available sizes fast! Using the Figleaves banner at the top of this page’s right column will take you to this sale!

Larger Cup, H to K, Swimwear for Less

Here is one of the larger, H to J cup versions of Freya bikini tops available at a much nicer price than usual at this sale.

Freya’s Marimba underwire bikini tops are just $37.80 and available in sizes 34 to 38HH and 36 and 38H!
 Marimba Underwired Balcony Bikini Top For Larger Cup 
If you click on this swim top’s picture you can find what is left of this style in its D to G size range at this sale for $32.40, on the right side of the page. That is where you can find what else they have in this swimwear collection too.

Panache’s Halle underwire bikini tops are available in many sizes in the 30 to 38G to K and some smaller cup sizes at this sale, for just $37.10!
 Halle Underwired Balconnet Bikini Top 
Now if you need larger cup swimwear you know I should not waste any more time, while these styles leave stock, showing you more of them here so…

Top Large Cup Swimwear Brands at this Sale

At this writing I am finding:
  • 53 Freya Swim
  • 12 Fantasie
  • 3 Cleo by Panache
  • 17 Panache
  • 2 Pureda
  • 11 Pour Moi 
Swimwear styles as well as swimwear by many other brands at Figleaves End of Season Sale!



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

25% Off Full Price / Up to 40% Sale DD+ Swimwear Styles

Some swim wear styles on sale of 71% 

Off Bare Necessities has new, and sale, Freya Swimwear, Fantasie (great if you need plus size underwire swimwear), Prima Donna, (in the 32 to 40D to G size range, but pricey…), and many other great dd+ swimwear brands!

Bare Necessities’ Summer Swim Sale

Use the code in the Bare Necessities banner below, before 6/23, and they will take 25% off full priced styles. If the swimwear style you want is on sale, using the code will bring it up to 40% off total.

Read below about the, likely, best way to shop for the dd plus swimwear already on sale at more than 40% Off!
  Shop Now

About the 40% - 71% Off Sale Swimwear styles

If you just go to the sale and sort by price; low to high, you will find lots of swim briefs, and some bikini and tankini tops in very limited, (think 1), sizes.

I believe the best way to shop this sale, for maximum sale and discount styles, (even full price if you are in a hurry), is to shop it by your bra size.

Bare Necessities tends to give us not just the size we asked it to search for, (using their bra size option in their left column menu), but also near, or sister sizes…

Her is an example, in fact the 1st swim top, that comes up if we sort these swimwear styles by price: low to high.

Panache’s Isobel balconette swim top, in this year’s emerald color, at 71% off, just $16.99!

However, they are down to size 36J in this style… Which is why I recommend shopping by your bra / swimwear sizes.

Their current discount is a great way
  • Toget at least 25% off new 
  • And up to 40% off slightly older 2014 swimwear styles! 



Monday, June 16, 2014

Get 30% Off Select DD+ Swimwear Today

Bare Necessities has a 30% Off select swimwear styles including many great styles by Curvy Kate, Panache, Cleo by Panache, Sunsets swimwear and more!

Use their additional 15% Off Swimwear banner and you will find their 30% off discount code and event across the tops of their pages!
 Shop Now 
Their 30% off select styles ends today
This additional 15% off discount ends July 3rd

I notice, using this banner they have new, to me anyway Freya and Prima Donna swimwear in, which I guess means we can use the 15% off swimwear code on these styles!

More on those and that later!



Thursday, June 12, 2014

10% Off Fantasie’s Award Winning DD Cup Swimwear

I have found Fantasie’s underwire swimwear in bra sizes up to 44FF and 40J. This is just one reason why it is recommended as full figure swimwear.

This year, Her Room’s Undies Awards found Fantasie the most favored swimwear brand in both the average women and their curvy girl swimwear categories! Her Room has taken 10% Off Fantasie brand Swimwear, and other award winning styles, (regarding actual undies).

The underwire tankini tops featured at the top of the plus size underwire swimwear page here, and the Fantasie Swimwear page here are both among the Customer Favorites and Best Selling swimwear styles by Fantasie at Her Room! The also both have adjustable, (ruching), side seams!

Customer Favorite Fantasie Swimwear Styles

Not just tankini swimwear and not just plus size, Fantasie makes plenty of underwire bikini separates and one piece swimwear styles in bra band sizes starting at 32!

This gathered bikini top from their Durban swimwear collection is available in most sizes the 32 to 38D to H size range and down to 40D at Her Room and is now $64.80 at this 10% off discount!

Their Ecuador swimwear line’s underwire scoop-neck one piece swimsuit is down to $126 at 10% off, however its sizes are limited.

Just a couple, among the many, customer favorite Fantasie swimwear styles at Her Room.

Like most, if not all, Fantasie swim tops and one piece style, these have adjustable straps and underwire bust support.

Click on any of these pictures in this post, or the Her Room banner in the right column and you will find this Undie Award discount, today any way.

Sorry, but I have not found any indication of how long this excellent discount will be available…

Her Room also has many Fantasie swimwear styles, from 2014 discontinued swimwear collections by Fantasie, on sale too. Those tend to be in limited sizes, but worth the browsing.

So far as I can tell, this Undies Award Winning 10% off the Fantasie brand applies to all their swimwear at Her Room!

Enjoy it while it lasts!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today Only 30% Off Many DD Cup Swimwear Styles

Figleaves has a vast selection of Panache, Fantasie, Pour Moi, Freya Swimwear and more.

Today they are having a 30% Off EVERYTHING Event! Click on this new Fantasie Swimwear style below today and you will find Figleaves’ 30% Off Code at the top of their pages!

Fantasie’s Santa Rosa Underwire Swimwear

Figleaves has the bandeau swim top, this one below, a one piece swimsuit and two bikini bottoms from this swimwear line. All of those styles are low stock.

This underwire gathered full cup bikini top is available in what appears to be what is left of the 30 to 40D to G size range…Many, but not all, sizes are still available in that size range.
 Santa Rosa Underwired Gathered Full Cup Bikini Top 
The one piece style of this new Santa Rosa swimwear line is low stock in what is left of what appears to be the same size range.

In the interest of catching both:
  • Today’s great 30% off discount 
  • and what is left of these new swimwear styles while they are in stock 
I am keeping this post short.


Friday, June 6, 2014

New Pureda, Free and Miss Mandalay DD Cup Swimwear

We can find plenty of new dd cup swimwear at Bravissimo now! Bikini, tankini and one piece swimsuits up to K cup sizes by Bravissimo and up to GG by Free and Miss Mandalay, to G by Pureda, Pour Mois and more!

Here is a look at a few new beautifully printed underwire halter bikini styles! You can click on their pictures below to learn more about these bikini separates.

Pureda’ Paradise up to G cup Bikini Tops

Pureda’s Paradise halter bikini is available in sizes 28DD to G and 30 to 38D to G for $56.93!  
They have this ruched swim brief and a side-tie bikini bottom in Pureda’s Paradise print for $36.83 and $33.49.

They also have Pureda’s Capri bikini separates. This features a fun yellow and blue print underwire plunge bikini top with adjustable shoulder straps in nearly the same sizes.
They have two bikini bottom styles to go with this Pureda swimwear style too!

Free’s up to GG cup Tropicana Halter Bikini Tops

This line of Free’s bikini swimwear will only be found at Bravissimo. They have this swim top for $60.28 in sizes 30 to 38D to GG!
They also have the fold brief and this side-tie swim brief shown above, both for $36.83.

Miss Mandalay’s Jaipur up to GG cup Bikini Tops

Miss Mandalay’s Jaipur underwire bikini tops are available in sizes 28E to GG, 30DD to GG and 32 to 38D to GG for $77.02 at Bravissimo!
They have this side-tie swim brief pictured above and a classic swim brief in this Jaipur line both for $41.86.

All the matching bikini bottoms are currently available in sizes XS to XL at Bravissimo!

Bravissimo also has more new bikini tops, tankini tops and one piece sizes in large cup sizes too.

One of their new styles is a chlorine resistant underwire one piece that can be worn, (has fully adjustable!), shoulder strap or cross back and is available in sizes 30 to 40D to H by Zoggs!

If you browse Bravissimo, you can find their currency converter near the top, left of center of their pages!



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DD Cup Swimwear on Sale Plus Additional 15% Off

This is a great opportunity to enjoy Sunsets, Fantasie Freya Swimwear, plus size underwire swimwear and more. This is what we can find at Swimwear Up to 30% Off at, which ends 6/9/14,
With an additional discount of
 Shop Now  
which I have no idea when it ends...

Sunsets Swimwear at this Sale

Bare Necessities has 45 Sunset swim tops at this sale. Many of their underwire bikini, and tankini, tops come in both D-DD versions and E, F and G versions and bra sized

This tie-halter bikini top is available in 34 and 38E, F and G, on sale for $56.99!
This Riviera underwire bikini top is available as a twist front tankini, which is down to sizes 34E and F.
The back closure on this swimwear style is self-tie as well.

The swim bottoms for the Sunset Swim tops are found by scrolling down once you get to the page the swim top you like is on.

This bandeau bikini top is still available in sizes 34 and 38E, F and G and on sale for $57.99, down from $84.
It has side boning as well as underwire bust support, adjustable straps and back closure!

As you can likely tell, shopping this sale by your bra size is probably the best way as sizes are limited. 

Enjoy these full figure swimwear styles on sale with this additional discount soon!