Friday, March 27, 2015

Elomi’s Tahoe and Night Fever DD+ Underwire Bikini Swimwear

Great News Elomi’s previously leaving or out of stock Kariba swimwear line is back in at Bigger Bras and Her Room!

They both have Elomi’s Kissimmee Crochet bikini and tankini tops and bottoms too.

Only Bigger Bras, of these two stores, has Elomi’s new Tahoe swimwear line below, which also features a gathered bikini top!

Elomi’s Night Fever Swimwear to come

I can only show you a picture of Elomi’s Night Fever style they pictured in a Twitter post, as it is not even shown on their own swimwear page here yet!

Here is the one beautiful picture from Elomi on Twitter, 3/24/15! 

Tahoe Bikini and Tankini styles by Elomi

Bigger Bras has both the underwire bikini tops and tankini tops of this swimwear collection as well as classic high waist, gathered swim bottoms in sizes 16 to 26. The tankini tops also come in those sizes.

Click on this picture of Elomi’s Tahoe Gathered Underwire Bikini top to find it in sizes 42 - 44 DD; 36 - 44 E, F, FF, G, GG, H; 36 - 42 HH.

Once there, should you decide to make a purchase, look for their usual discount codes, (today 10% Off!), which Elomi swimwear qualifies forSunsets women's swimwear

This is just a picture of the tankini tops

And gathered swim briefs

In this Tahoe swimwear collection!

I aim to post about their beautiful Night Fever swimwear collection as soon as I find it in online stores!

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Freya’s Bondi DD+ Swimwear Line

Available with Your Choice of 2 great Savings Deals

Currently I am finding Freya’s new Bondi Swimwear collection at Bigger Bras, who currently has a 10% Off discount code, which Freya swimwear qualifies for, in the left column of their pages. I am also finding this Bondi swimwear line at Her Room, who has their Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon which I intend to try.

Both stores have most of swimwear styles, in the same size ranges and prices, so it appears to be our choice of save now, or later!

Bigger Bras does have the soft cup halter bikini top, classic swim brief and skirted swim bottom in this collection, but other than that, both stores have the same swim separates in the Bondi collection, so far.

On the other hand, Bigger Bras has some sizes available in stock, some back order, in most style. Her Room simply has them in stock…

Freya’s Underwire and Soft Cup Bondi Bikini Tops

If you click on the word More under this picture of this long line underwire bandeau bikini top you will find it in sizes 30 - 38 D, DD, E, F, FF, G, some in stock, some available back ordered, at Bigger Bras.

Bikini Top, Underwire, Bandeau [More]
Price: $75.00
Sale: $75.00

If you click on this picture of it worn cross back below, you will find it available in all the same sizes at Her Room.

There you can easily view it worn:
  • Strapless
  • Cross Back 
  • as well as halter style. 

This swimwear style provides adjustable / removable straps and both underwire and flexible side boning for excellent bust support! icon

Click on the picture of the Bondi underwire sweetheart padded bikini top to find it in sizes 30 - 38 D, DD, E, F, FF, G; 30 - 36 GG at Her Room. Bigger Bras has this style in the same sizes, but some back order… icon
However, Bigger Bras does have the Bondi soft cup triangle halter bikini top in stock in all sizes 30 - 38 C, D, DD; 30 - 36 E, F.

Bikini Top, Halter, Soft Cup [More]
Price: $56.00
Sale: $56.00
Her Room does not carry this style, yet…

Freya’s Bondi Swim Bottoms

Bigger Bras has this Bondi classic swim brief, in stock or back order in sizes XS to XL. Her Room is not carrying this style so far…

Swim Bottom, Classic Brief [More]
Price: $40.00
Sale: $40.00

This skirted swim bottom is also another style Her Room does not have. 
However Bigger Bras does have it in stock in all sizes XS to L.

Swim Bottom, Skirted [More]
Price: $52.00
Sale: $52.00

Both Bigger Bras and Her Room have this high waist swim brief in stock in sizes XS to XL.

Swim Bottom, High Waisted [More]
Price: $46.00
Sale: $46.00

However only Her Room has the Rio side-tie style swim brief, (which is reversible!), in stock in all sizes XS to XL!

 icon icon 

Bigger Bras has them in stock in sizes XS to L and back order XL sizes.

I have shopped both of these excellent on line stores, and back ordered styles from Bigger Bras in the past with no problem at all!

Also, Her Room has several new Freya swimwear collections in.
Some of them are only one bikini top and bottom style so far.
I am hoping they get a bit more variety of these new collections before I post about them here.



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cleo by Panache Cassie DD+ Swimwear line

Up to J cup and leaving stock fast

Owing to the long line underwire bikini top and high waist swim brief styles in this line, I was going to post this Cleo by Panache style with a Pour Moi? swimwear line which has two similar pieces.

As these are leaving stock so fast, I will just suggest you check them out with this Flamenco Long Line Underwired Top link if you are into the retro up to G cup swimwear styles.

Cassie, Up to H Cup, Vintage Swimwear Styles

This is a padded long line underwire balconette. I think it works so well visually because of the contrast piping, and great shape too of course!

These swim tops are currently low stock in most of their remaining sizes in the 28 to 32D to H, what is left of the 34DD, F and what is left of the FF and 36 to 38F to GG size ranges

If you really like this, click on its picture to learn more about these swim tops at Figleaves.
 Cassie Longline Underwired Padded Balconette Bikini Top 

This is the high waist swim brief, now available in sizes 10 to 16. Cassie High Waisted Bikini Brief

Cassie, Up to J Cup Underwire Balconette Bikini

This is the non-padded underwire bikini top in this Cleo by Panache swimwear line pictured with the gathered bikini briefs. These underwire bikini tops are still available in much of the 30 to 34D to J size range and much of the 36 to 38D to H size range, as I write this.

 Cassie Underwired Non Padded Balconette Bikini Top 

The swim briefs are available in sizes 8 to 18.

Just click on their pictures to go to them at Figleaves, soon if you really want these styles, especially if you need the harder to find sizes…



Thursday, March 12, 2015

Freya’s Watermelon up to H cup Underwire Bikini

So far I am only finding Freya’s Watermelon bikini tops and swim bottoms at Bravissimo.

They also have plenty of their own Bravissimo brand new swimwear styles in now. Bravissimo’s new DD+ swimwear styles are in cup sizes up to J and K!

Freya’s Watermelon Bikini Swimwear

If you click on the picture of this tie-halter underwire bikini top now you will find it available in sizes 28DD to H, 30 to 36D to H and 38D to G at Bravissimo, today for $57.13!

The bottom it is pictured with is $34.58
and the fold swim brief in this style, (black brief with watermelon print fold waist), for $33.08.

Both are available in sizes XS to XL and can be found by scrolling down a bit once you get to this swimwear style’s page at Bravissimo.

About Fantasie’s Lascari swimwear line in the post just previous to this:

Now Her Room and Bare Necessities have this swimwear collection as well!



Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fantasie’s up to H cup Lascari DD+ Swimwear Line

I really love the vibrant print of the Lascari swimwear line by Fantasie swimwear I just found at Figleaves. So much I am thinking of getting at least the Pareo to play around with as an accessory, and swimsuit cover up!

I did check other online stores and am finding none of these styles anywhere else yet…

This is likely just as well because Figleaves often has the best prices on bra sized swimwear styles anyway.

Fantasie’s Lascari Bikini, One Piece and Pareo

So far Figleaves has this underwire bikini top in sizes 30 to 36D to H, (low stock in all H cup sizes, what a surprise…) and 38 and 40D to GG.

 Lascari Underwired Bikini Top 

If you click on this picture of this bikini and pareo, you can find the rest of the swimwear line Figleaves currently has on the right side of their page.

The adjustable leg swim briefs are available in sizes XS to XL and the pareo is one size.

This adjustable side tie underwire bandeau comes with looks like removable halter straps. They currently have this swimsuit in sizes 32 to 38D to G!

 Lascari Underwired Adjustable Sides Bandeau Swimsuit 

Fantasie is often recommended as a good brand if you want plus size underwire swimwear. Their styles often come in large band sizes as well as cup sizes!

If I find more styles from Fantasie’s Lascari swimwear collection I will post them here.

I noticed that both Bigger Bras and Figleaves have another new Fantasie collection called Ravello.
In that collection both stores are pricing these styles about the same.

If I have a chance I will post about them here soon.