Thursday, October 31, 2013

20% Off New Up to G cup Pour Moi Swimwear Lines

Currently most Pour Moi? styles are 20% off at Figleaves! This includes most of their two new swimwear collections. They also have plenty of other highly rated Pour Moi? large cup size swimwear with this discount applied!

One of the beautiful things about Pour Moi? swimwear is that even at full price, it is less expensive than Fantasie, Freya and other brands. So this discount makes their swimwear even more affordable!

The Manhatten Bikini Styles

Yep, it is spelt Manhatten. So far we can get its padded halter underwire bikini top, the halter bandeau moulded, strapless bikini top, and a choice of two swim bottoms in this collection at Figleaves.

Click on this bandeau style bikini top to find it in the 32 – 38B to G size range, for $44. It is one of the rare, full price Pour Moi? style this week…
 Manhatten Moulded Strapless Bikini Top 
This is its padded halter bikini top, which gives us underwire support in the 32 – 36B to F size range, now $31.20 down from $39!
 Manhatten Padded Underwired Bikini Top 
This is the Manhatten bikini brief, which I am showing because it is a tad unique. It is available in sizes 8 – 18, at $28, which is full price.
 Manhatten Bikini Brief 
The Manhatten side-tie swim brief has contrasting, (same dark blue as the belt detail above), side-ties. It is $19.20, down from $24 and available in sizes 8 – 16.

The Safari Swimwear Collection

Looks like all of this swimwear line is available with this current discount!

Figleaves has this one piece in this collection in sizes 32 – 38D to G, but it does not say if this halter swimsuit gives underwire support or soft, or moulded cup. Now we can get this swimsuit for $52.80!
 Safari Halter Swimsuit 
The shoulder strap underwire bikini top is just $31.20 now and available in the same sizes as the swimsuit above.
 Safari Underwired Bikini Top 
Here I am showing it with the skirted brief, now $22.40 and available in sizes 8 – 18

This is the Safari padded underwire halter bikini top. It comes in sizes 32 – 36B to F and is now just $32.80.
 Safari Padded Bikini Top 
The side-tie swim bottoms it is shown with come in sizes 8 – 16 and now cost $19.20!

There are plenty of other Pour Moi? swimwear styles to enjoy at 20% off now too!



Monday, October 28, 2013

Panache’s Navy Veronica Swimwear line

Panache had a Veronica collection that came out in solid lagoon and scarlet colors, as well as a paisley print. What is left of those styles is leaving stock at Figleaves. They had a bow at center bust. These new Navy ones have a button accented tab.

The one piece and bikini tops come in cup sizes up to K, the tankini up to J cup sizes.

Veronica Navy One Piece Bathing Suits

This style has been in stock at Bravissimo for a while now. It has a 4.5 heart rating out of 7 reviews. They also tell us that the normally 2 buttons tab accent at center bust has 3 buttons in sizes GG+.

Click on this underwire bathing suit to find it in the 30 – 38D to K size range at Figleaves.
 Veronica Swimsuit 

These are already low stock in many sizes, but available in the same sizes, and low stock in fewer of those, at Bravissimo below.

Click on this picture of it to go to Bravissimo to check out this style’s reviews and browse the rest of their excellent swimwear!
This swimsuit is $75 at Figleaves and $77.53, (using their currency converter today, 10/28/13), at Bravissimo.

The Navy Underwire Bikini Tops

This underwire bikini top is available in the 32 – 38D to K size range at Figleaves. This style costs $50 and is shown with the Veronica Fold swim briefs, which come in sizes 8 – 20, for $29. Veronica Balconnet Bikini Top 

Bravissimo only has the one piece in this Panache swimwear line, and Figleaves is low stock in many of this bikini tops’ size and the tankini tops ones as well…

The Navy Underwire Tankini Tops

Actually this tankini top is low stock in all its sizes, which are within the 32 – 38D to J size range. Click on its picture to find it for $62 at Figleaves. The Gathered Veronica Swim Brief shown with it is $31 and available in sizes 8 to 20.

 Veronica Tankini Top 

Considering the rapidly depleting stock in these styles, I am just going to post this now, rather than check other stores for these swimwear styles.
More Later!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Panache’s up to H Cup Page Swimwear Line

Figleaves has a new retro sheath one piece, halter bikini top and bandeau bikini top, (with apparently removable shoulder straps!), from Panache.

This is Page swimwear collection features a floral and stripe mixed print, with underwire support and so far Figleaves, the only place I am finding it, has this line’s fold and gathered swim briefs too.

Panache’s Page up to H cup Bandeau Bikini Tops

If you click on the picture of this underwire bikini top you will find it in the 30 – 38D to H size range, for $50 at Figleaves.

 Page Bandeau Bikini Top 
Although they do not say so, you can see from this picture why I think it comes with removable shoulder straps.
 Page Bandeau Bikini Top 
The fold style swim bottoms are pictured above.

These bandeau swim tops are low stock in many sizes already, and as I am not finding them elsewhere, if you really like them, act soon!

The Page Halter Retro-Sheath One Piece Bathing Suits

If you like a bit more coverage, or just like the nearly skirted effect, you might like this retro one piece bathing suit style.

These underwire swimsuits come in sizes 30 – 32D to G and 34 to 38D to FF, or perhaps that is just what is left… Click on this swimsuit’s picture below and you will find them, low stock in many sizes, for $75 at Figleaves.
 Page Halterneck Swimsuit 
Designed to support and shape your bust, this swimsuit has a moderate to high back, which will also lend its self to additional bust support!

Panache’s Page Tie-halter Bikini Tops

These tie-halter underwire bikini tops are already low stock in most sizes 30 – 38D to G at Figleaves. Click on their picture to go there and you will find them for $50, shown with the gathered swim briefs.
 Page Halterneck Bikini Top 

This style, like the bandeau bikini tops and one piece, is designed for excellent support and nicely accented between your breasts with a bow.

The swim briefs in this collection come in sizes 8 to 20 and are already low stock in the fold brief in size 20.

These are the styles I am finding at Figleaves, and nowhere else yet, in Panache’s new Page swimwear collection.

It is likely just as well to get them there because with rare exception, (and I believe it is only in lingerie, rather than swimwear), they have had the best prices, in non-eBay online stores, for full bust swimwear in 2013!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Freya’s New Up to J Cup Valentine Collection

Figleaves has the underwire halter tankini, bikini and bandeau swim tops in Freya’s new, field of blossoms print, Valentine swimwear line. They also have matching flirty side-tie, classic swim briefs, in sizes XS to XL, as well as the frilly skirt cover-up in, mostly low stock already, small, medium and large.

Valentine, up to J Cup Underwire Halter Bikini Tops

Click on this halter bikini top today and you find it in sizes 28D to H, 30 to 36D to J and 38C to G, however low stock in many sizes, for $59 at Figleaves!
 Valentine UW Banded Halter Bikini Top 
All eBay stores aside, I find there is usually little point waiting to find large cup swimwear for less this year, than I am finding it at Figleaves. They also tend to have new styles 1st!

Valentine, D – G Cup Underwire Tankini Tops

The tankini tops in this new collection are available in the 30 – 36D to G size range, low stock in all sizes, for $75…
 Valentine UW 50s Halter Tankini Top

Removable Halter Strap Underwire Bandeau

The halter bandeau swim top in this line is available in the 30 – 36D to GG size range, also low stock in all sizes, for $53.
 Valentine UW Bandeau Bikini Top 

The side-tie swim bottoms go for $41, the classic swim briefs for $31 and the oh-so-pretty cover-up swim skirt for $47!

Click on any of the pictures above and you will find the rest of this Freya collection’s swimwear styles available today at Figleaves!
Just do it soon, before your size runs out!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

2 New(?) Curvy Kate Swimwear Lines

Curvy Kate makes full bust and full figure bikini and tankini tops and bottoms for us curvaceous women! I was just checking out one of their new for 2014, Coral Reef lines at Curvy Kate, and decided to check the stores I usually do. I found the 2 swimwear lines below, which may not be new, but I had not seen them before!

Rio Ruffle balcony underwire bikini swimwear

While you can find Curvy Kate’s Rio bikini tops and bottoms using this Rio Bikini Swimwear by Curvy Kate, New with Tags at eBay stores link in assorted sizes, this time they actually cost more, sort of ($43 tops, $51.45 top and bottom sets and $23.77 bottoms) than today at Amazon for $32.

The problem with Amazon is they only have sizes 32D, DD, 34 and 36D, 38F and 40E…

The problem with the $51.45 top, same as shown above + bottoms at eBay stores is
These are the sets:
  • 34E + size 12 bottoms 
  • 32DD + size 10 bottoms 
  • 32E and size 10 bottoms 
  • 34DD + size 12 bottoms 
If they happen to be your sizes, this is nice!

Bondi Breeze underwire tankini and bikini HH to K swimwear

Amazon has this underwire bikini top for $57 in sizes 30HH, J, JJ and K32JJ34J and K36J, JJ and K38JJ Amazon also has the swim short in sizes 10 – 16 in this style for $30.40, today anyway…

And you can find
  • these same bikini tops above, new, with tags for $24 to $43
  • the matching shortly, sizes 8 – 18 for $24 
  • and this tankini top in assorted combinations of swimwear sizes 10 to 16DD to K, 
 (if you are confident buying that sizing arrangement), for $48.

This is just a picture of this tankini top style, use this Bondi Breeze Swimwear by Curvy Kate at eBay stores link to find these styles there.
You can find more Curvy Kate Swimwear styles at eBay stores too.I was just looking at these collections today because I had not seen them before.

I normally find plenty of great prices on Fantasie, Freya and Panache swimwear, New, with Tags, at Buy it Now, rather than bid, prices at eBay stores. You can read about that here if you like!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Pour Moi Swimwear line cut like their Highly rated Azure one

What inspired this now was seeing a new halter bikini top and side-tie swim briefs that seem to be based on an older, highly rated, and comes in many colors at Figleaves Azure Pour Moi swimwear line.

Pour Moi’s Cosmopolitan Bikini Top and Bottoms

This new floral print, with contrasting ties and straps, padded bikini top appears to be out of stock in many sizes and low stock in some others, while being too new for reviews.

Currently you can still find many sizes left in the 32B – F, 34A – F and 36B to F size ranges, for $39.
This is just a picture of these new styles.
You can use our Figleaves Swimwear text link to your right, or one of the picture links below this new style’s picture to find it in DD+ Swimwear!

The side tie bikini bottoms pictured with it is available in sizes 8 – 16 for $25 at Figleaves.

Pour Moi’s Azure Collection

While the above Cosmopolitain swim top’s description does not tell us if it provides underwire support or not.

This similar Azure padded halter bikini top does! No matter which of the many colors these underwire bikini tops come in they seem to be left of the 32 to 38B to G size range.

Owing to the great ratings they get, currently a 4 star average out of 179 reviews and the excellent price of $39!

I would seriously consider this swimwear style if the size and color fits you! This is its Red color, a bit unlike its India (red) color further down this page.

 Azure Padded Underwired Bikini Top 

You can get the same side tie, except in solid colors, version of the swim briefs above in the picture of the cosmopolitan style, sizes 8 - 16, for $25 too!

The Azure collection’s shoulder strap D to H Cup style This adjustable shoulder strap underwire bikini top comes in black and this India red in the 32 – 38D to H size range for $38!

 Azure Underwired Bikini Top 

This style has a 4 star average out of its current 13 reviews, and all large cup swimwear at eBay stores prices aside, is very nicely priced for G, GG and H cup swimwear styles!

The fold swim brief from this collection comes in sizes 8 – 18 for $28.

about Pour Moi?

“The mission at Pour Moi? is to deliver quality, good fitting, stylish and sophisticated lingerie, swimwear and nightwear.” The above is directly from one of their pages at Figleaves.

The only other stores I have seen their styles at are Bravissimo and Belle Lingerie, which does carry swimwear.

It may not be part of their mission, but Pour Moi? Tends to have excellent prices for full bust swimwear!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

2 New Panache D to H Cup Swimwear Lines

Savannah Bikini Tops and Bottoms

Currently the only place I am finding Panache’s underwire Balconette bikini top and bikini bottoms is at Bare Necessities. If you click on their picture of this beautiful watercolor print swimwear style below, you will find it there in the 30 to 38D to G size range!
I am looking forward to seeing more of this swimwear collection, mostly because I like the print and want to see what a tankini or one piece will look like with it. If I find more new swimwear from this line I will post it here.

Panache’s Erica Swimwear line

These are the current styles available of Panache’s new Erica collection. Clicking on their pictures below will take you to them at Figleaves, where the prices are usually much better than Bare Necessities! Both swim tops currently available have removable shoulder straps.

This is the bandeau bikini top and fold swim brief from this line. Figleaves has these in the 32 – 36D to H size range, but they are already low stock in more than half the available sizes…

Erica Bandeau Bikini Top

This is the bandeau tankini top, with adjustable side-ties, pictured with its classic swim briefs. These tankini tops are available in the 32 – 36D to G size range, but a low stock in all sizes already.

 Erica Bandeau Tankini Top

Full Bust Swimwear for Less

Naturally you can find excellent prices on Panache, and other fine brands, from earlier this year at both Figleaves and Bare Necessities. While sizes tend to be limited, you can shop both stores by your bra and swimwear sizes.

 For instance: Click on this Panache underwire tankini top today, (10/12/13), and you can find it for $23 and still available in sizes 32, 34 and 36H, 34DD and GG and H and 36E!

 So it is always worth checking out what is available in your size when shopping these stores!

You can usually find comparable prices on bra sized swimwear styles by Panache, Freya and Fantasie at eBay stores, year round. I am talking about New with Tag styles you can just plain buy rather than bid on. If interested, you can read more about that here.

More later!