Thursday, October 23, 2014

Full Figure Underwire Swimwear Up to 60% Off

If you need DD+ & / or plus size swimwear Fantasie is a great brand. Right now, at Figleaves Mid-Season sale, we can find large cup swimwear in sizes up to 30H and 32 to 38HH, 40GG and 42 and 44FF in their Fantasie swimwear style. That is just the Fantasie ones.
You can shop the whole sale by your bra size to find other brands available now at these great sale prices!

Even New Fantasie Swimwear on Sale

I am finding Fantasie’s Orissa swimwear nowhere but Figleaves and Fantasie’s own site under Latest Collections!
Yet we can click on the picture of the Orissa underwire twist bandeau bikini top you can find it on sale at Figleaves for $57.60, ($72 full price), and still available in sizes 32 and 34D to G and 36D, DD and FF.
 Orissa Underwired Twist Bandeau Bikini Top 
Like other swimwear at Figleaves, you can find the rest of this swimwear line they have, (in this case mid-rise gathered swim briefs), to the right of their page.

Some Kashmir Swimwear Collection up to 60% Off

I checked out this Fantasie swimwear collection at other stores and found them on sale but still for more currently at Her Room and for less at Bare Necessities, but with fewer sizes available…

If you click on the larger cup size version of the Kashmir balcony underwire bikini top you can find it for $29.60 in sizes 32 to 38H and HH at Figleaves.
 Kashmir UW Balcony Bikini Top Larger Cup 

 If you click on this picture below of it in what is left of the 32 to 42D to FF size range for $33.
 Kashmir UW Balcony Bikini Top 

This underwire one piece with adjustable leg is just $69 and still available in size 34J and many sizes from the 40 to 44E to FF size range and size 40GG. This swimsuit is $115 full price. Kashmir UW V-Neck Adjustable Leg Swimsuit 

There are even styles at this Figleaves sale that are still full price at other stores, like their Malawi collection.

Again, this is just a brief look at a small part of the Fantasie styles at this sale.
They have:
  • Freya
  • Panache
  • Cleo by Panache
  • Pour Moi?
  • Figleaves own Midnight Grace and other up to G cup swimwear lines
And plenty of other DD+ swimwear brands at this sale.

I do not know when this ends so I hope you get a chance to enjoy this soon!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Freya’s New Summer Swimwear collection

This is different in the this Freya Summer swimwear line’s banded underwire bikini top has convertible straps we can wear shoulder, cross back or halter style! Also different is that between Figleaves and Bare Necessities, the latter has the halter underwire tankini top in this line at the best prices. Look further down the page for that.

Summer Convertible Bikini Tops

Currently Her Room, Bare Necessities and Figleaves have this swimwear style at the same price, $64. You can use this Summer Underwired Banded Halter Bikini Top link to find it in the 28D to H, 30 to 36D to J and 38D to FF size range at Figleaves.

Once there, you can look to your right to see the rest of the Summer swimwear line they have currently. You can click on its picture below to find it at Her Room in the 30E to G, 32D to GG, 34 and 36D to H and 38D to FF size range. They also have the hipster swim brief shown below. icon These two styles above are the only ones Her Room has in this swimwear line so far.
 Her Room and Bare Necessities have the hipster swim brief shown above, but not Figleaves.

Figleaves and Bare Necessities both have the bandeau bikini top in this line, both for $60.
Figleaves has it in the 30 and 32DD to G, 34 and 36D to G size range.
Bare Necessities has it in the 32 to 36D to G size range.
However, if you do not need the wider range of sizes, Bare Necessities has this Extra 21% Off at

They also have this halter underwire tankini top in the Summer swimwear line for $8 less than Figleaves. You can just click on its picture to find it there in the 32 to 388D to G size range.
However it makes more sense to use the discount link above and find it in DD+ Swimwear under Freya.
 icon icon 
Figleaves has this tankini top for $88 in sizes 30F and FF, as well as the same sizes Bare Necessities has.

Also available at both Figleaves and Bare Necessities is the Summer Rio and Classic Fold bikini swim briefs.
These above shown and mentioned swim tops styles are low stock in many sizes at Figleaves.
If you like these styles enjoy them soon, unless you have real confidence in your size being available later.
Wish I had that kind of confidence!



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fantasie DD+ Underwire Bikini Tops for $6.40

This morning searching Fantasie Swimwear at eBay stores, and sorting by Low to high price took me to the page you can view using this link: 2,394 Fantasie Swimwear styles, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices Starting at $2 Swim Briefs and $6.40 Bikini tops!

I was expecting to see pages of swim briefs with this arrangement and was surprised that scrolling down it just a bit I found 4 Fantasie bikini tops, (from $6.40 to $11.20), on the first page!

Using the link above to go to eBay I typed in: Fantasie Swimwear 34HH, my hard to find size, and I found 6 Style starting at $17.30!
As an example, here is a look one of them.

One Fantasie Underwire Bikini Top compared

My favorite is Fantasie’s Dominica underwire Balcony bikini top, for $35.99. If you use this Dominica Balcony Bikini Tops link this AM, you will see it available in all band sizes from 32 to 42 in cup sizes D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H and HH.
You can click on its picture below to find it at Her Room, on sale at $39.95, but not in my, (and very limited), size. This is what got me search eBay stores for bras and swimwear years ago. Especially at sale prices, I tend to find more in my size there!
 icon icon 
Not just for better prices, but also, if you have a hard to find size, eBay stores, new with tags at buy it now prices is well worth browsing!

Example of Why to Shop eBay by Size

I did try looking for Fantasie’s Malola swimwear and while they have the underwire bandeau bikini tops, plunge underwire tankini tops and fold swim briefs, I was intrigued by this Malola balcony underwire bikini top and side tie swim brief, sizes 30E and 8 set for $33.13.

We can still get these tops in an excellent range of sizes, (32 to 38D to GG size range) at Her Room. If you click on its picture below you will find them there for $49.95 and the same bottoms are $34.95. icon If you happen to be a size 30E, this is great,
  • but you can be thrilled with the prices, 
  • open plenty of swimwear styles 
  • and find it taking too long to find what you want in your size that way. 
Having trouble finding the styles I wanted in my size was why I started shopping eBay stores in the first place.

I highly recommend this; at Buy it Now Prices, New with Tags of course.
Quite often you can get super discounts and in recent years eBay’s search engine will show you styles available at Bare Necessities, likely other stores I imagine as well.

Also, considering Mixed Bikini styles in general are in, not getting a set is less important!



Monday, October 6, 2014

New Panache Matilda DD+ Swimwear

Panache’s Matilda collection is still available in some of its previous yellow color and styles. Figleaves has these bikini and tankini styles below in Matilda's new pale orange color!

Also, as I write this Figleaves has a 20% Off with Free Shipping Code across the tops of their pages. I do not know when this will end, but you can click on these pictures below and if the discount code is not across the top of the page, if it is still on, it will be on their homepage.

Matilda Bikini Swimwear

These plunge tankini tops are available in most of the 32 to 38D to H size range and provide underwire support with adjustable straps, for $56
 Matilda Underwired Plunge Tankini Top 
Their padded, underwire bandeau bikini tops are available in the 32 to 38D to G size range and the halter strap is detachable. These are currently $48.
 Matilda Underwired Padded Bandeau Bikini Top 

The Matilda drawstring swim briefs give us adjustable, flattering and comfortable coverage. These come in sizes 8 to 18 and are currently $25 at Figleaves. Matilda Drawside Pant 
If you click on any of the above styles, you can scroll through the rest of the Matilda collection available at Figleaves on the right side of their pages.

You will find some of the previous yellow bikini tops and bottoms on sale, but sizes are naturally limited…

More later!