Sunday, April 24, 2016

Freya’s Up to GG Cup Black Bondi 2016 Version

You can click on any of these pictures below, go to Her Room and scroll down, looking to your right to view what they have so far in this new Bondi collection by Freya. Keep scrolling to find what they have left of the two previous, Sea spray and Vibe colors, and highly rate versions of this Freya’s Bondi Swimwear line.

The bikini tops in this collection all provide multi part contouring underwire cups with a fabric overlay for a smooth finish!

Freya’s 2016 Bondi Line in Black, Grey and White

This is the Sweetheart underwire bikini top, available in sizes 30 to 36D to GG and 38D to G at Her Room.

These are just pictures of these styles you can currently find at Her Room whose link is in the column to your right.

I cannot tell if it is pictured with the short or high waist swim brief, however they have these and the hipster in this collection, all in sizes XS to XL.

This is the underwire bandeau, which comes with adjustable / removable straps, pictured with the Bondi hipster.

The swim briefs and tops are all solid black in the back in this line.

This convertible bandeau bikini top is available in sizes 30 to 38D to G.

However, they do not have the long line bikini top in this Black version, yet…?

The Bondi Underwire Bandeau Longline Swim Top in Previous Color

So far Her Room does not have this in the new color above, however they do have it in some, however limited, sizes…It has excellent reviews.

Bigger Bras, whose banner link in the right column here, also has this, for the same price, down to sizes 30E and FF and 32D and F. Her Room has it in more sizes, but not some of these four Bigger Bras does…

Although these are very limited, here is a link to the Freya Bondi Swimwear New with Tags at eBay stores.

I will certainly post the new Black version of the Bondi Underwire Bandeau Longline swim top if I find it.



Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New up to J and K Cup Curvy Kate Swimwear in at Bravissimo

Bravissimo has plenty of new swimwear in by Free, Cleo by Panache, Curvy Kate and now even Fantasie!

You can use this New Swimwear at Bravissimo link to go straight to these styles if you like.

Here is a look at some of the styles from two 2016 Curvy Kate swimwear collections I had shown here earlier this year in cup sizes up to H, now available in cup sizes up to J and K at Bravissimo!

Siren up to J Cup Underwire Bikini Tops

If you click on this picture currently you can find Curvy Kate’s Siren Plunge Bikini top still available in sizes 28 and 30E to J and 32 to 38DD to J now, but already low stock in many sizes for about $49 at Bravissimo!


This style seems to be leaving stock fast…

Instinct up to J and K Cup Swimwear Styles

If you click on this picture of Curvy Kate’s Instinct underwire tankini top you can find it in all sizes 30E to J, 32 to 38E to K and 40E to J, for about $60.


However, this plunging underwire halter bikini top is already low stock but still available in sizes 28DD to J, 30D to J, 32 D to HH, 34D to H, 36D to GG and 38D to G.


It is nice that Bravissimo carries larger cup sizes, as well as makes their own swimwear styles often in cup sizes up to K!
Equally nice is their prices tend to be a bit less than other online stores for many of the same styles!



Thursday, April 14, 2016

Up to 40% Off D to K Cup Bra Sized Swimwear

Right now we can pick up bra sized swimwear up to K cup sizes for much less at Bravissimo’s up to 40% off swimwear sale!

 I find their prices on Panache, Freya and Cleo by Panache are usually much better than other online stores to begin with. Then of course there is their own Bravissimo brand, which like Panache, has swimwear styles up to K cup sizes!

Just click on this banner to go to Bravissimo’s Swimwear Sale page and you will find a similar search banner on it that you can use to speed your browsing by your bra / swimwear size. Or just scroll down to browse their sale that way!
As sizes are likely limited, I would browse this sale by size, if for no other reason, to prevent frustration.

A more practical reason would be to have a chance to get what you want in your size before someone else takes advantage of these prices!

 I am also finding swimwear by Free, Miss Mandalay, Pureda and more at this sale!

Now, because K bikini and other swimwear styles are often hard to find and expensive, here is a look at a few of the current 18 K cup swimwear styles I am finding in bra band / back sizes 30 to 40 at this sale event!

Panache and Bravissimo Sale K Cup Swimwear Styles

I am finding Bravissimo ‘s Medina, Cape Verde, Havana bikini, tankini and one piece, St. Lucia bikini and tankini and more Bravissimo styles at this sale that are still available in K cup sizes!

However there are currently only 3 Panache styles in bra sizes up to K cup sizes, and those sizes are limited. So I will quickly show two of these three Panache styles and post this before there are even less!

Panache’s Isobel underwire bikini top is down to sizes 28E and J, 30DD and J, JJ and K, and 32 and 34 D and K. These highly rated bikini tops are also down to $36.06 at this sale!


Their Veronica swimsuit is has even better reviews, but is down to sizes 30D, J, JJ and K and down to $53.74!


 I have no idea how long this sale event is on, so browse it soon!



Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Freya’s Atlantis Up to HH Cup Swimwear Collection

Here is a look at two bikini tops and bottoms available at online stores now in Freya’s, (underwater?), floral fantasy Atlantis print now. Some of these are available at 3 stores. 

However, because: 
  • I am only finding the soft cup triangle bikini top in this collection at Bare Necessities
  • They extended their 25% Off Friends & Family! Use Code FF25. Valid 4/3-4/12. to Include Today, 4/12/16 1st let us have a look at

Atlantis Bikini Swimwear at Bare Necessities

These are just pictures below but you can find these styles at Bare Necessities, whose link is in this blog’s right column.

They have these underwire balconette bikini top in this collection, with a 25% off discount code today, down to sizes 34D and 36G.

You can browse Bare Necessities by Freya Swimwear to view these styles after that… 

These triangle, soft cup halter bikini top you can find it there in the 32 to 38D to F size range, with the same discount available today.

This is the one I am not finding at other stores I usually browse and post about here…

Freya’s Atlantis Underwire Balcony Bikini Tops at 2 Other Stores

If you click on this picture of this bikini top style, you can find it at Bravissimo, for about $48.37 in sizes 28E to G, 30 to 36D to HH and 38D to G, with one excellent review already!


You can scroll down to find the bikini bottoms its picoted with there too, in sizes XS to XL, for $32.72. 

Her Room has these of the same bikini top you can find it at its normal full price of $64 in sizes 28D to G, 30 to 36D to HH and 38D to G at Her Room. You can find our link to Her Room in the right column.


Once there, if you scroll down a bit looking to your right you can find the rest of this collection they currently have there. In this case a swim brief, and swim short I have it pictured with above, in this collection. 

Her Room has always has the advantage of their Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon, which is free, convenient and never floods my email! 

Also, currently, if you vote in the Undies Awards that they run each year, you can get 10% off your next order there. You can check out their home page for details about that. 

  • Bravissimo tends to have lower prices
  • Her Room has the best detailed descriptions, and their Loyalty Points
  • Bare Necessities’ Discount ends today… 



Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fantasie’s New Punta Cana up to H Cup Swimwear

Still available at 25% Off at Bare Necessities

Both Her Room and Bare Necessities have both underwire bikini tops and bikini bottoms in Fantasie’s vividly printed Punta Cana swimwear collection.

Her Room has the gathered underwire full cup bikini top in more sizes, up to 38H and 40GG, and as always, more detailed descriptions of all styles.

Only Bare Necessities has the plunge underwire tankini top in this collection and their 25% Off Friends & Family! Use Code FF25. Valid 4/3-4/12., which includes all swimwear, which at this point counts as 332 bra sizes, 290 DD+ styles by excellent brands such as Freya, Panache and Cleo by Panache, Pour Moi and more!

Here is a look at this beautiful new Fantasie Swimwear collection available at both of these fine stores!

Fantasie’s Punta Cana D to H Cup Swimwear Line

This is a picture of the plunge underwire tankini top in this below to both find it in sizes 32 to 38D to H size range  at Bare Necessities, whose link is in this page's right column. It also has a nice keyhole back this style’s back clasp creates.

It also has a draw string adjustable side ties so you can adjust the shirring to suit yourself. It is $105 and would be a lovely swimwear style to enjoy at 25% Off!

This tankini top has fully adjustable stretch straps and mesh-lined underwire cups.

At Her Room, it is available in all sizes 32 to 38D to G, has an excellent review and includes that this strapless / halter swim top has side boning and plenty of other details.

They also have this twist front bandeau underwire tankini top to find it in most sizes in the same size range, and enjoy it at 25% Off, until the end of 4/11/16…

Both stores have the deep gathered and mid-rise bikini bottoms in this collection.

Her Room, whose link is in the right column, has this gathered underwire bikini top to find it in all sizes 30 to 38D to H and 40D to GG.

This is a picture of it in the 30 to 40D to GG size range, with the 25% Off discount available for a few more days at Bare Necessities.

This full cup underwire bikini top has adjustable elastic straps and plastic barrel back clasp.

Both stores have an excellent selection of large cup size swimwear, which apart from New with Tags at eBay stores, is hard to find at a discount.

Bare Necessities’ current discount is an even rarer opportunity to get new DD+ Swimwear for less!



Thursday, April 7, 2016

25% Off Bra Sized Swimwear at Bare Necessities

This is a rare opportunity to get great DD+ Swimwear by brands such as Fantasie, Panache, Cleo by Panache, Freya and more at 25% Off!

The only better ones I know for this is getting large cup size swimwear New with Tags, at Buy it Now Prices at eBay stores.

Those tend to be at least last season’s styles, unlike the New Arrival styles we can currently enjoy for less at Bare Necessities using the discount code on their pages!

Unlike many of their other discounts this one includes all of the Currently 284 Large Cup Size Swimwear styles!

Besides many of the Pour Moi, Fantasie, Freya and other swimwear I have posted about here recently available, now at 25% Off using Bare Necessities’ discount code, here is a look at some other styles well worth considering!

Some Up to G, H and K Cup Bra Sized Swimwear Available at 25% Off

Fantasie’s highly rated Versailles swim top is available in the 30 to 40D to H size range and the swim briefs it is pictured with in the XS to XXL size range. At $68 and $56 each, these would be much nicer at 25% Off!

I found this Blaire triangle underwire halter bikini top from Cleo by Panache in New Arrivals this morning at Bare Necessities and still it qualifies for the discount!

These are just pictures below but you can find these styles at Bare Necessities, whose link is in this blog’s right column. Bare Necessities has these available in the 30 to 38D to G size range. Scroll down once at Bare Necessities to find the bikini bottoms it pictured with in the XS to XXL size range there!

Panache’s Anya underwire swimsuit is nothing but 5 star reviews at Bare Necessities and is $92 full price. It is available in the 32 to 40DD to K size range and would be an excellent swimsuit to have on hand for any woman who needs large cup size swimwear!

Panache’s Elle balconette underwire swim top is available in the 30 to 38DD to G size range and has excellent reviews. Its swim briefs are available in XS to XXXL sizes, currently.

Just a few examples of the current 284 DD+ Swimwear styles currently available at Bare Necessities that we can use this 25% off discount code on!

Besides the above-mentioned at eBay stores, sometimes, we can get some excellent up to K cup swimwear styles for less at Bravissimo, but not all the same brands or styles available at Bare Necessities currently…



Monday, April 4, 2016

Curvy Kate’s Siren D to H Cup Swimwear Collection

Curvy Kate swimwear is a great choice when looking for bra sized swimwear in large cup sizes and often in large cup and band sizes such as their Instinct line, which comes in sizes up to 40H!

Her Room has a couple of underwire bikini tops, and bottoms plus a soft cup one piece swimsuit, that happens to be Chlorine Resistant, in their new Siren collection. This line features a bright coral fabric with a shell shaped eyelet decorative knit overlay.

Siren Plunge and Bandeau Underwire Bikini Styles

This underwire plunge bikini top provides multi-part, lightly padded cups with flexible side boning to give us excellent bust support! It has a barrel back closure and adjustable straps.
At this 7/13/16 Update Her Room has this Siren bikini top on sale for $59.95 for what is left of the 30 to 38D to H size range.

Curvy Kate CS3351 Siren Padded Plunge Biki...
Curvy Kate Siren Padded Plunge Bikini Swim Top (CS3351). If your personality pops then ... [More]
Price: $80.00
Sale: $59.95

If you scroll down and look to your right once you get to Her Room, you will find the mini swim brief this plunge bikini top is pictured with as well as a similarly styled, but with a bit more coverage swim brief, both available in sizes XS to 3XL!

 If you click on the picture of this bandeau underwire bikini top to go to Her Room you can better view the various ways you can wear this style: Strapless, Straight and Cross-Back.

 It provides the same bust support features as the plunge style, with the exception of the removable straps, and is available in limited sizes 30 to 34D to H, 36D to GG and 38D to G, but is not on sale yet, as of 7/13/16.

Curvy Kate CS3341 Siren Bandeau Bikini Swi...
Curvy Kate Siren Bandeau Bikini Swim Top (CS3341). Stunning color and seaside decoratio... [More]
Price: $80.00

Curvy Kate’s Soft Cup Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit

This beautiful soft cup one piece swimsuit has adjustable side ties as it legs. Its barrel back closure creates a nice keyhole and it is made of Xtra Life Lycra Spandex, which is chlorine resistant and will retain its shape as well as last longer!

This style provides contour wireless cups with light foam padding on a shelf bra and adjustable straps. It has the same strap options as the above bandeau bikini top and so can be worn strapless, straight or cross back as well. Her Room has this swimsuit in what is left of the 30 to 34D to H, 36D to GG and 38D to G size range as of 7/13/16.

Curvy Kate CS3357 Siren Strapless One Piec...
Curvy Kate Siren Strapless One Piece Swimsuit (CS3357). This brightly colored swimsuit ... [More]
Price: $99.00

Her Room, besides having excellent descriptions and their Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon, which I enjoy and has yet to overwhelm me with emails,
also has other new swimwear in by Curvy Kate too!


Updated 7/13/16