Saturday, March 29, 2014

Get $25 for Buying Panache Swimwear

Panache and Cleo by Panache make quality dd cup swimwear and this is a rare opportunity save when shopping it at Bare Necessities! If you buy swimwear, (or intimates), by these brands totally at least $75, until the end of 4/6/14, at Bare Necessities, they will send you a $25 reward cheque!

Panache’s Britt Underwire Swimwear

Bare Necessities has Panache’s new for 2014 Britt swimwear collection’s halter bikini tops, bandeau and halter one piece underwire swimwear styles. This bikini top and this line’s one piece swimsuits come in sizes 30 to 38DD to G there.  
The bandeau bikini top comes with removable, fully adjustable, stretch straps and side boning as well as underwire bust support in sizes 30 to 38DD to H!
This is the one piece, which strikes me as a nicely shaped retro sheath!  
Bare Necessities has the Britt bikini bottom with all over dots and piping in the front, 5 inch rise, in sizes S to XL.
They also have the fold over swim brief in this collection in sizes S to XXXL.

They have plenty of other Panache swimwear to choose from there as well. This is just on collection I had not seen there until recently.

Cleo by Panache Lucille Swimwear

Bare Necessities has Cleo’s Lucille underwire balconette bikini tops in two different prints, the bandeau style in another, a striped with side-tie and checkered with frill bikini bottoms
and this underwire plunge tankini top! This swim top comes in sizes 30 to 38D to G at Bare Necessities.


They also have this adjustable leg swim skirt in this collection. It comes with an attached swim brief in sizes XS to XXL there.

Currently Bare Necessities has 56 Panache and 13 Cleo by Panache swimwear items. I believe this offer extends to the full figure bras, (up to K cup sizes by Panache, possibly also by Cleo, but am not sure…), as well as their excellent swimwear!



Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Fantasie DD Cup Swimwear Lines

Actually, this being Fantasie these new swimwear lines have styles that go up to HH cup sizes! In fact their Kashmir swimwear collection’s one piece style goes up to J cup sizes! First a look at Fantasie’s New

Santa Fe Underwire Bikini and Tankini Tops

Their colorful Santa Fe swimwear goes up to H cup sizes at Figleaves and G at Bare Necessities…
If you click on this Santa Fe underwire tankini top you can find if for a bit less at Bare Necessities this time!
Usually Figleaves has the best price between the two stores. That said, Figleaves still has the best prices, slightly wider size, both band and cup sizes, ranges and often more products in each swimwear line. However there are always exceptions..

This is the underwire bikini top in this new swimwear line and if you click on its picture you will find it for slightly less at Figleaves in the 32 to 38D to GG, 40D to G size range! Santa Fe UW Padded Balcony Bikini Top 
Bare Necessities has it for more in the 32 to 38D to G size range, and they do not have this Stunning Santa Fe belted Kaftan, below, at Figleaves!
 Santa Fe Belted Kaftan 
If you click on the bikini top or kaftan and go to Figleaves you can find the rest of this swimwear collection on the right side of their pages.
They have the Santa Fe fold and mid-rise bikini bottoms to go with these swim tops.

Fantasie’s Kashmir Swimwear Line

While Figleaves has both the regular, (32 – 40D to G and 42D to FF), balconette underwire bikini top in this Kashmir swimwear collection, only Figleaves has this larger cup size, 32-38GG, H and HH version of it.
 Kashmir UW Balcony Bikini Top Larger Cup 

Between these two stores on Bare Necessities has this underwire tankini top in this collection in the 32 - 38D to H, 40D to G size range. 
Figleaves has the fold swim briefs in this new for 2014 swimwear line and Bare Necessities has those and the, (all print), full coverage bikini bottom in this collection.

Both stores have this adjustable leg, underwire one piece style in this line, but if you click on this one’s picture you will find it in sizes 34 – 38D to J, 40D to HH, 42D to FF and 44D to F size range at Figleaves
 Kashmir UW V-Neck Adjustable Leg Swimsuit 
Bare Necessities has it in the 34-40D to GG size range, for slightly more $.

Both stores have the pretty boho style cover up dress in this collection too.
 Kashmir Shirt Dress 
Both stores also have new swimwear in by other brands and often are great places to check for sale styles too.
You can shop either by your bra or swimwear sizes to see what is available.
With the price of D and larger cup swimwear, it could easily be worth browsing the sale sections of these stores from time to time!



Saturday, March 22, 2014

Up to 50% Off DD Cup Swimwear

Figleaves, whose text link you can find at the top of this blog’s right column, is having an Up to 50% Off Mid-Season sale!
We can enjoy great discounts on dd+ swimwear by brands such as Fantasie, Cleo by Panache, Panache, Freya Swimwear and more!
Here is a look at some of the Pour Moi, (up to HH cup), swimwear styles I am finding at this sale, for $20 to $28!

Pour Moi Underwire Bikini Tops on Sale

Pour Moi’s Rio underwire bikini tops are on sale for $27.30 and still available in sizes 32DD to HH, 34G, 36E to HH and 38DD to HH!
 Rio Underwired Bikini Top 
There are side-tie and bikini shorts on sale in their Rio swimwear line as well and a Rio padded, more balconette like in style, underwire bikini tops on sale, for $19, with many sizes available in the 32 to 38D to G size range too!

Their Ditsy non-padded underwire bikini tops pictured below are on sale for $19.50 and available in sizes 32D, FF, H and HH, 34FF, H and HH, 36G to HH and 38G, H and HH!

Ditsy Floral Non Padded Underwired Bikini Top 
Matching Ditsy swim briefs are also on sale for $13.50 and available in sizes 8, 12, 16 and 18!

As it is, it seems hard to get a bra in the G to HH size range for less than $30, so I am rather enthused about these swimwear styles at this sale!

Pour Moi’s Crete, to H cup, Bikini Tops

While not actually at the sale, I saw this because the one piece swimsuit, (down to size 22), is: Pour Moi’s Crete underwire bikini tops are still available in 32D, F and H, 34D, 36D and F and 38G and H on sale for $19.50!
 Crete Underwired Bikini Top 
I am not finding matching swim briefs for this style, but a black pair you might already have in your swimwear wardrobe might work well…

There are plenty of other Pour Moi, and other great bikini and tankini separates and one piece bathing suits by other makers of d cup swimwear!

Sizes can be limited, but you can search by bra size, as well as brand, and other search options at Figleaves.

I do not know how long this Mid-Season Sale will last but I do know it is hard to get larger cup sizes swimwear for less than $30, so…



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dreamer DD Cup Swimwear by Freya

Actually Bare Necessities, Her Room and Figleaves all have Freya Swimwear’s new Dreamer swim tops in D to J sizes. Figleaves has the best prices on Dreamer styles that are available at all three above-mentioned stores.

Freya’s Dreamer Underwire Tankini Tops

Currently only Bare Necessities has the underwire tankini tops in this new dd+ swimwear line. Not only does this tankini top have underwire seamed, mesh-lined molded cup bust support, it also has side boning!

If you click on its picture to view it at Bare Necessities and mouse over its picture there, you too might notice it appears to have princess seams! Always nice for extra visual shaping!  

This swim top also has adjustable stretch straps. Its hidden underwire bra has 3 column 2 row hook and eye back closure increases its rows in the larger cup sizes. Bare Necessities has this tankini top in the 30 to 38D to HH size range for $90.

Both Her Room and Bare Necessities have the solid Azure classic bikini bottoms this style is pictured with above. Both stores have it in sizes XS to XL for $36.

However, only Bare Necessities has the fold swim brief from this collection. Click on its picture at this posting and you will find it there in sizes XS to XL for $48.

Dreamer Swimwear Styles for Less at Figleaves

Another unique aspect of Freya’s new Dreamer swimwear line is the convertible straps of this plunge underwire bikini tops.

We can wear it as a tie-halter, as pictured below or cross-back style. Click on its picture to find it in the 28D to FF, 30 to 38D to J size range at Figleaves for $56. Dreamer Underwired Banded Halter Bikini Top 
They have it, in somewhat narrower size ranges, at Her Room and Bare Necessities, for $68…

All these stores also have the sweetheart neckline padded underwire bikini top is this collection.

If you click on its picture below you will find it in the 30 to 38D to G size range, well in what is left of it,(At the moment they still have size 36GG too), for $56 at Figleaves.
 Dreamer Underwired Sweetheart Padded Bikini Top 
Her Room has the same sizes and sizes 30 to 36GG and Bare Necessities has these sizes and size 32GG left, for $66…

Bare Necessities has the classic printed Dreamer swim briefs in sizes XS to XL, Her Room in sizes S to XL and these are for $40 at both stores.
The same bikini bottom style is available at Figleaves for $36 in sizes XS to XL. I figure you can easily imagine this print in a classic bikini bottom cut, so I am leaving off the picture. Saving time, as sizes, especially large cup sizes, seem to be running out fast in this Freya swimwear collection.

Figleaves has the Dreamer Rio Looped Side Bikini Brief at Figleaves in sizes XS and S for $36.

If you want this bikini bottom in other sizes, you can click on its picture below to find them at Her Room in sizes XS to XL for $46.
Bare Necessities has them for the same price as Her Room, in sizes S to XL…

Freya’s Dreamer Swimsuit Cover-Up

Besides the tankini top, I am also only finding Freya’s Dreamer swimsuit cover up dress at Bare Necessities. They have this in sizes XS to L for $94.  
I think the: 
  • princess seaming 
  • and side boning with underwire bust support of the tankini 
  • and the convertible straps in the plunge bikini top 
are nice new additions to Freya Swim styles, which I do not think I have seen before! 

I have to admit, I am kind of waiting to see: 

  • the ombre 
  • and more of the crochet 
  • and mixed print 
trends in dd+ swimwear. 

Are you looking for these trends in full figure swimwear styles too? 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Pureda DD Cup Swimwear

Bravissimo has dd+ swimwear, (more like D to H Cup!), by Pureda from their Zanzibar and Iona Swimwear lines. Here is a look at these styles, which are in the $54, (bikini tops) to $70.00 US dollar price ranges.

Zanzibar Underwire Bikini and Tankini Tops

These beautiful tie-halter underwire tankini tops, and two matching bikini bottom styles, are available at Bravissimo. Currently if you click on this bikinis picture below you will find the tops in sizes 30 to 38D to H.


These are pictured with the fold swim briefs from this swimwear collection, which Bravissimo has in sizes XS to XL.

These underwire bikini tops are available in sizes 30 to 38D to G. The Zanzibar side-tie bikini bottoms this style is pictured with are also available at Bravissimo!


Pureda’ Iona Bikini Separates

So far I am only seeing these two swimwear styles pictured below and another bikini brief style in this Iona line at Bravissimo.

I like the way this bikini top has the mixed prints, with the tiny ruffle neckline in subtle polka dots accent for its floral print.

This underwire bikini top is available in sizes 28E to G and 30 to 36D to G.


Both available Iona bikini briefs come in sizes XS to XL at Bravissimo.

Currently all these styles are too new for reviews.

They are also available in all sizes at the moment too!

Pureda Full Figure Swimwear on Sale

I love some of the unique print combinations I have seen in Pureda swimwear in the past!

We can find some of these, and other lovely and large cup, Pureda Swimwear in Bravissimo’s Sale department!

Click on this picture of one of these above-mentioned styles and it will take you straight to the Sale swimwear styles currently at Bravissimo!


Also, you might want to check out some reviews of Pureda swimwear these sale styles likely have. I like using reviews to learn more about how a swimwear style worked for other women before I purchase them.

Sadly, sizes are limited…

However, you can shop by size there too, bra size, from their left column menu.