Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DD+ Swimwear On Sale

Sorry about being away a bit. Time moving then having bad internet connections.
Returning, this is what I am finding:
  • New dd+ swimwear at Bravissimo & Her Room! I will get back to those later this week, I hope…
  • Many Sale styles by Pureda, Freya, Cleo by Panache and more at Bravissimo’s current sale! 

Not only that, the sizes available, at a quick skim through, are pretty good currently!
That said, I am also finding sale dd+ swimwear at:
  • Bare Necessities, (but no new styles there…)
  • Her Room
  • Figleaves’ Outlet store
  • Will check other places later this week as well
Now back to getting my daughter set up for school!

More Later!

Checkout the New Swimwear at Bravissimo if you go to browse the sale!

Their US Dollar prices are nice even at full price and the new styles are worth browsing!



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