Thursday, September 25, 2014

Panache DD+ Swimwear On Sale vs eBay Prices

eBay: Meaning New with Tags Swimwear sold at Buy it Now prices

Today I got an email telling me about the 35 newly added to eBay stores Panache swimwear styles. I felt it was high time I start checking out these emails and sharing them with you here. If you are not familiar with Panache swimwear you can check out my Panache and Cleo by Panache swimwear page.

Newly Added New with Tags Panache Swimwear

Note: If Using links to eBay in this post, scroll down once there to see the Swimwear.

Here is a look at how a few of the newly added styles compare, where available, (some are already out of stock), with prices and sizes at Her Room and Figleaves today.

You can Click on the picture of Panache’s bandeau, (comes with removable straps, either way), underwire one piece animal print accent swimsuit from Panache’s Savannah collection to find it in 11 sizes, on sale for $70 down from $92 at Her Room.

Or you can currently find it for less by Clicking this Panache animal print Savannah bandeau one piece in sizes 32 to 38D to G for $55, Buy it Now prices, New with Tags at eBay stores link.
 icon icon 

Figleaves does not have this swimwear style at all.
Actually Figleaves currently only has 11 Panache swimwear styles. I am going to assume they have more in their outlet store, Figleaves Outlet - Save up to 60% off!.

Figleaves does have their Britt retro halter underwire one piece for $109 in most sizes in the 30 to 38D to G and 40D to FF size range, which is what you will find if you click on its picture below.

Or you can find it for $83 in sizes 30 to 40D, DD, E and FF New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices using that link to go to eBay stores.
 Britt Halter Swimsuit 
And Her Room does not have this one piece but they, and Figleaves, do have bikini separates from Panache’s Britt swimwear collection.
Those are on sale at Her Room and full price at Figleaves.

I am going to keep this brief and just mention:
  • There is plenty of other Savannah and other Panache swimwear lines newly listed at eBay stores. Use this Panache Swimwear at eBay stores link to view them. You might have to scroll down a bit, as they seem to be putting ads at the top of most of the page first.
  • Once there, you can browse by your bra size, just by typing it in after Panache Swimwear in their search bar. 
  • My example: I put in 34HH and got 22 results, starting at $21!
  • You can list these styles from Low to High prices, but with a current 5046 Panache styles available, that would no doubt be a lot of swim briefs to browse through.

You can read more about buying dd+ swimwear, and find direct links to brands like Panache, Fantasie and Freya swimwear on my DD+ Swimwear at eBay Stores page.

I buy almost all my bras New with Tags for a fraction of their normal prices, at Buy it Now, rather than bid prices at eBay stores. I highly recommend that and figure buying swimwear that way should be just as excellent an experience and money saver. I just have not gotten around to it yet...

If you have tried this already please comment me about your experience here. I am interested to know if buying swimwear this way is a nice as bras. Thanks!



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