Friday, March 27, 2015

Elomi’s Tahoe and Night Fever DD+ Underwire Bikini Swimwear

Great News Elomi’s previously leaving or out of stock Kariba swimwear line is back in at Bigger Bras and Her Room!

They both have Elomi’s Kissimmee Crochet bikini and tankini tops and bottoms too.

Only Bigger Bras, of these two stores, has Elomi’s new Tahoe swimwear line below, which also features a gathered bikini top!

Elomi’s Night Fever Swimwear to come

I can only show you a picture of Elomi’s Night Fever style they pictured in a Twitter post, as it is not even shown on their own swimwear page here yet!

Here is the one beautiful picture from Elomi on Twitter, 3/24/15! 

Tahoe Bikini and Tankini styles by Elomi

Bigger Bras has both the underwire bikini tops and tankini tops of this swimwear collection as well as classic high waist, gathered swim bottoms in sizes 16 to 26. The tankini tops also come in those sizes.

Click on this picture of Elomi’s Tahoe Gathered Underwire Bikini top to find it in sizes 42 - 44 DD; 36 - 44 E, F, FF, G, GG, H; 36 - 42 HH.

Once there, should you decide to make a purchase, look for their usual discount codes, (today 10% Off!), which Elomi swimwear qualifies forSunsets women's swimwear

This is just a picture of the tankini tops

And gathered swim briefs

In this Tahoe swimwear collection!

I aim to post about their beautiful Night Fever swimwear collection as soon as I find it in online stores!

Have a great weekend!


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