Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cleo by Panache Cassie DD+ Swimwear line

Up to J cup and leaving stock fast

Owing to the long line underwire bikini top and high waist swim brief styles in this line, I was going to post this Cleo by Panache style with a Pour Moi? swimwear line which has two similar pieces.

As these are leaving stock so fast, I will just suggest you check them out with this Flamenco Long Line Underwired Top link if you are into the retro up to G cup swimwear styles.

Cassie, Up to H Cup, Vintage Swimwear Styles

This is a padded long line underwire balconette. I think it works so well visually because of the contrast piping, and great shape too of course!

These swim tops are currently low stock in most of their remaining sizes in the 28 to 32D to H, what is left of the 34DD, F and what is left of the FF and 36 to 38F to GG size ranges

If you really like this, click on its picture to learn more about these swim tops at Figleaves.
 Cassie Longline Underwired Padded Balconette Bikini Top 

This is the high waist swim brief, now available in sizes 10 to 16. Cassie High Waisted Bikini Brief

Cassie, Up to J Cup Underwire Balconette Bikini

This is the non-padded underwire bikini top in this Cleo by Panache swimwear line pictured with the gathered bikini briefs. These underwire bikini tops are still available in much of the 30 to 34D to J size range and much of the 36 to 38D to H size range, as I write this.

 Cassie Underwired Non Padded Balconette Bikini Top 

The swim briefs are available in sizes 8 to 18.

Just click on their pictures to go to them at Figleaves, soon if you really want these styles, especially if you need the harder to find sizes…



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