Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10% Off New Elomi Full Figure DD+ Swimwear

If you are looking for full figure underwire swimwear in sizes 42 - 46 DD; 36 - 46 E, F, FF, G, GG; 36 - 44 H or 36 - 42 HH, full cup or strapless Elomi has made swimwear just for you!
It does rely on wearing their swim bras underneath their tankini tops though. You can read more about that on the Elomi Bandeau and Full Cup Underwire Swim Bras page at our sister site here.

Bigger Bras has a few of their new for 2015 swimwear styles in and they qualify for their current 10% Off coupon code you can find in their left column menu!

Kissimmee Elomi’s Crochet Tankini Swimwear styles

Their new Kissimmee Split Back Flared Tankini top in royal blue. I think the semi-sheer crochet styling and over lapping back panel would be flattering on many of us!

This is just a picture below. You can go straight to this style using this Elomi Kissimmee Tankini Swimwear link.

If you use that text link to go to this plus size tankini style at Bigger Bras now, you can find the rest of the Kissimmee swimwear line they have on the right side of this tankini top’s page.

I like the adjustable Kissimmee swim briefs in this line. Bigger Bras also has these in black, and they say this style provides generous backside coverage. Again, this is just a picture:

They also have a swimsuit cover up in this collection as well.

Elomi’s Swanee Tankini Swimwear

If you click on the picture of this Swanee gathered tankini top it will take you to it at Her Room, who has this in sizes 12 to 22, but without the discount mentioned above.
It was just such a good picture of it, I had to show you!

Or you can use this Swanee by Elomi at Bigger Bras link to find this style in sizes 16 to 26 and the above mentioned discount in the left column! icon If you have taken advantage of Her Room’s Gift Cert offer of late last year, this is one nice way to use it!

This is just a picture of the flared with contrasting black loop accent tankini top in this line.

You can use this Swanee Flared Tankini style link to go to it at Bigger Bras.

It looks like Bigger Bras has all these new styles come in sizes 16 to 26. They also have both the full cup and strapless / bandeau swim bras in the above mentioned bra sizes!

They have other Elomi tankini tops and bottoms too all designed for full figure women!

The above-mentioned Bigger Bras discount expires on January 8th, but they often have them in their left column menu and I do not recall them ever excluding Elomi!



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