Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Pour Moi Swimwear line cut like their Highly rated Azure one

What inspired this now was seeing a new halter bikini top and side-tie swim briefs that seem to be based on an older, highly rated, and comes in many colors at Figleaves Azure Pour Moi swimwear line.

Pour Moi’s Cosmopolitan Bikini Top and Bottoms

This new floral print, with contrasting ties and straps, padded bikini top appears to be out of stock in many sizes and low stock in some others, while being too new for reviews.

Currently you can still find many sizes left in the 32B – F, 34A – F and 36B to F size ranges, for $39.
This is just a picture of these new styles.
You can use our Figleaves Swimwear text link to your right, or one of the picture links below this new style’s picture to find it in DD+ Swimwear!

The side tie bikini bottoms pictured with it is available in sizes 8 – 16 for $25 at Figleaves.

Pour Moi’s Azure Collection

While the above Cosmopolitain swim top’s description does not tell us if it provides underwire support or not.

This similar Azure padded halter bikini top does! No matter which of the many colors these underwire bikini tops come in they seem to be left of the 32 to 38B to G size range.

Owing to the great ratings they get, currently a 4 star average out of 179 reviews and the excellent price of $39!

I would seriously consider this swimwear style if the size and color fits you! This is its Red color, a bit unlike its India (red) color further down this page.

 Azure Padded Underwired Bikini Top 

You can get the same side tie, except in solid colors, version of the swim briefs above in the picture of the cosmopolitan style, sizes 8 - 16, for $25 too!

The Azure collection’s shoulder strap D to H Cup style This adjustable shoulder strap underwire bikini top comes in black and this India red in the 32 – 38D to H size range for $38!

 Azure Underwired Bikini Top 

This style has a 4 star average out of its current 13 reviews, and all large cup swimwear at eBay stores prices aside, is very nicely priced for G, GG and H cup swimwear styles!

The fold swim brief from this collection comes in sizes 8 – 18 for $28.

about Pour Moi?

“The mission at Pour Moi? is to deliver quality, good fitting, stylish and sophisticated lingerie, swimwear and nightwear.” The above is directly from one of their pages at Figleaves.

The only other stores I have seen their styles at are Bravissimo and Belle Lingerie, which does carry swimwear.

It may not be part of their mission, but Pour Moi? Tends to have excellent prices for full bust swimwear!

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