Friday, May 30, 2014

Panache and Freya Swimwear on Sale

Actually stores now have other full figure and dd cup swimwear brands on sale too, besides Freya Swimwear too. These just happened to be the two I brands I noticed today. The Panache styles are at Bare Necessities’ Bras Up to 50% Off at sale, which ends 6/9/14. The Freya ones are at Her Room.

Freya Swimwear on Sale at Her Room

Many of these styles are down to very few sizes left, these bikini tops have at least more than 5 sizes left!

Freya’s Calamity halter underwire bikini tops are available in many sizes in the 34 AND 38D to FF size range and 30E, 32D and 36DD, for $29.95 in its red print and $39.95 in its blue print.  
Freya’s Flash Dance underwire bikini tops are on sale for $19.99 and available in sizes 30 to 34D and DD and 34FF!

I would browse these styles by doing the following, then shop by your size at these sales.

I found these, and other Freya Swim styles by:
  • using the Her Room Swimwear banner in the right column
  • Going to Swim in their horizontal menu
  • Selecting Swimwear on Sale in their left column menu
  • Then selecting Freya from the All Brands drop down menu 
Currently they have 73 Freya Swimwear styles on sale, and of course plenty of other swimwear by other great dd+ and full figure swimwear brands!

Many, if not all, of these swimwear styles by Freya in this sale department are discontinued, either in style or at least color. This is likely why the great prices, and lack of sizes…

That said, they are also no return / no refund, when they are discontinued swimwear styles.

You can do the same as above to find other brands, including Panache. Today they have 45 Panache swimwear styles in that sale department!

Panache Full Figure Swimwear on Sale

I am surprised to find more than one size in Panache’s Erica Balconette underwire swim top at Bare Necessities sale. They have these, (with high ratings!), on sale for $34.99, down from $70 in the 32 to 38DD to K size range!

Sadly, more typical of what can be found at this and other full figure bikini tops on sale are Panache’s 2014 Emerald Isobel underwire balconette bikini tops on sale for $28.99, (down from $59), in sizes 32 to 38J and JJ.

This bikini top has one excellent review at Bare Necessities!

Owing to how fast sizes, especially hard to find ones, go at these sales, I am leaving it at that, rather than waste more time, during which your size could be leaving stock.

Of note: With bras, and I would assume, bra sized swimwear as well, Bare Necessities tends to offer “additional sizes”, when I shop by bra size there.

An example:
I click on 34J, and while it says they have 2 before I click on it.
Then goes to a page showing sizes 34GG and 34M as well.

Let’s enjoy these, and other, sale prices while we can!


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