Friday, June 20, 2014

Up to 50% Off DD+ Swimwear Sale

Currently we can enjoy Figleaves up to 50% Off end of season sale prices for Pureda, Pour Moi, Cleo by Panache, Panache, Fantasie, Freya Swim and more!
This is especially nice because this Figleaves tends to have the lowest full prices on these dd cup swimwear to begin with!

They also have styles at up to 70% off, but sizes get more limited….

So shop this sale by your size to see the best prices in available sizes fast! Using the Figleaves banner at the top of this page’s right column will take you to this sale!

Larger Cup, H to K, Swimwear for Less

Here is one of the larger, H to J cup versions of Freya bikini tops available at a much nicer price than usual at this sale.

Freya’s Marimba underwire bikini tops are just $37.80 and available in sizes 34 to 38HH and 36 and 38H!
 Marimba Underwired Balcony Bikini Top For Larger Cup 
If you click on this swim top’s picture you can find what is left of this style in its D to G size range at this sale for $32.40, on the right side of the page. That is where you can find what else they have in this swimwear collection too.

Panache’s Halle underwire bikini tops are available in many sizes in the 30 to 38G to K and some smaller cup sizes at this sale, for just $37.10!
 Halle Underwired Balconnet Bikini Top 
Now if you need larger cup swimwear you know I should not waste any more time, while these styles leave stock, showing you more of them here so…

Top Large Cup Swimwear Brands at this Sale

At this writing I am finding:
  • 53 Freya Swim
  • 12 Fantasie
  • 3 Cleo by Panache
  • 17 Panache
  • 2 Pureda
  • 11 Pour Moi 
Swimwear styles as well as swimwear by many other brands at Figleaves End of Season Sale!



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