Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Curvy Kate Large Cup Swimwear

I know I enthuse about Curvy Kate Swimwear here almost as often as I have a chance to post here these days.

One reason is: If you need large or small band large cup size swimwear, Curvy Kate is a great choice!

  • 28D to J
  • 30 to 40D to K
  • 42 to 44D to G
Currently Her Room, whose banner is to your right, has a Free Panty with Curvy Kate purchases of $75, which includes their swimwear! It also gets you Free Shipping, as they give you that at purchases of $70. The Free Panty deal is on until 6/5/17...

Plus, Last week I found this beautiful Curvy Kate Swimwear Video I had been meaning to share here!

The latter is my excuse for this post!



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