Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Up to G Cup Chantelle Swimwear

I was pleasantly surprised to see swimwear by Chantelle and up to G cup sizes as well! Looking around, apparently their swimwear has been available for quite a while.

At some places, extremely expensive, at others, such has Bare Necessities, where these styles are from below, about as pricey as the Prima Donna bra sized swimwear styles I recently posted about here, over $100 for a bikini top… Here is a look at

Chantelle’s Desert Lodge and Gazelle Up to G Cup Swimwear

If you click on this picture of their Desert Lodge Underwire Balconette Bikini top you will find it available at Bare Necessities in sizes 32 to 38C to G,

(please check out the Cup Size Note part of this part below).

This bikini top gives us adjustable stretch straps and a non-adjustable band.
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Their Gazelle underwire balconette is available in sizes 32 to 38D to G.

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Bare Necessities has several swim briefs to go with each of these styles in the XS to XXL size range.

They also have a convertible, (straight to cross back), one piece in the Gazelle collection in sizes 32 to 38C to F.

They do have push up and bandeau bikini tops in these two Chantelle swimwear lines, but Bare Necessities only has them in sizes 32 to 38B, C and D,
which I figure you are not looking for if you are reading this so…

Chantelle Cup Sizes Compared to Panache, Fantasie, Curvy Kate and Others

If you normally wear Chantelle, this is fine, but be aware: A Chantelle G cup size might well be comparable to a Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, Curvy Kate and Panache F cup size.

I am getting this info from Bigger Bras Cup Size Comparison Chart , and will go into this issue, (which would be true of Prima Donna and other swimwear as well…

If you are considering purchasing these styles, I would check out the cup size issue with Bare Necessities before you do.

More on this later…



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