Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Prima Donna DD+ Swimwear

New at for Much Less at eBay stores

I normally feel that the Freya, Panache, Fantasie and other DD+ swimwear styles I post about here are pricey enough and have over looked Prima Donna and other brands where the cost of a bikini top starts at over $100.

Then I saw Prima Donna’s new yellow sunshine print in their Pool Party collection at Her Room and decided, a woman can, and perhaps should, dream! Then I check out their available styles for much less at eBay stores…Reason to Dream indeed!

Prima Donna’s Pool Party C to H Cup Swimwear

This is just what is available in the new yellow sunshine print so far at Her Room.

Her Room has these in sizes 32D to G and 34 to 40C to G. Once there you can scroll down, looking to your right, to view the rest of this beautiful swimwear collection they currently have.

These are just pictures of these styles you can currently find at Her Room whose link is in the column to your right.

This underwire bikini top provides lightly padded contour cups with a fabric overlay. This swimwear style can be worn with straps wide set, (regular shoulder straps), cross back or strapless!

The swim brief it is pictured with is available in both prints in sizes S to XL.

This is the 3 part, full cup underwire bikini, still only available in the candy crush print in this collection there.

This underwire bikini top is available in sizes 32D to H and 34 to 40C to H and has side support panels! Owing to certain bras I have enjoyed over the years, I am a big fan of side support panels!

iconHer Room does have the swim brief it is pictured with, in sizes S to XL, in both the candy crush and yellow sunshine print.

They also have this swimsuit cover up, for just $83, in both prints in O/S. There is not small temptation on my part to look for this pareo later at eBay stores, just for the fabric! Love this print in yellow!

As stated at the beginning of this post, the only reason I have shied away from showing Prima Donna swimwear styles here is the price. In the above;
  • $131, each, for the convertible and full cup bikini tops
  • $64 for the side shirred bikini bottom shown with the strapless one above
  • $78 for the swim bottom shown with the full cup bikini top. 

Then I found…

Prima Donna DD+ Swimwear for Much Less

Using this Prima Donna Swimwear, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices link this morning I found, (for some reason Juicy Couture too swimwear), Prima Donna:
  • One Piece styles, often $298 at Her Room starting at $43, but more often $196
  • Tankini tops, usually $164 to $181 full price, at $30
  • Bikini tops, often $131 or more for $91 
On the first page of these, (currently 414), styles, using the above link to go to Prima Donna swimwear at eBay stores.

I am especially partial to their Cuba Underwire Palm Island Tankini Top in size 34F I found using the above link, (on the first page!), for just $30!

This is just a picture below, use the links above to view these styles at eBay stores.

Granted Prima Donna styles shown at truly great prices there are few, this page might well be worth browsing often for excellent steals on these large cup swimwear styles!

They are rather pricey.
Should I continue to show Prima Donna, and begin to show other pricey brands here as well?

What do you think?

Perhaps more later…



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