Sunday, November 2, 2014

Natural Figures for DD+ Swimwear

August 2nd 2015 Update

The styles shown here for comparison may well be gone, but Natural Figures, the eBay store is still with us and well worth browsing!

Two weeks ago now, when I was browsing eBay stores for Freya Swimwear at Buy it Now Prices New with Tags, I noticed that the styles I narrowed my search down to came from Natural Figures, which is an eBay Store.

Not at all surprising, as they say they have a vast selection of bras from the 28AA to 44H size range at up to 75% off. I found their swimwear by brands like Fantasie, Panache, Freya and others to be equally as vast, nicely priced and in sizes up to K cup sizes as well!

Some $16 to $23, up to FF, GG and HH Cup Freya Bikini Tops

Here are some of these styles that have not changed much in price, or size availbablity in the weeks it has taken me to get to posting this. You can use this Freya Calypso Balcony Underwire Bikini top link to find it for approx. $22.38 in sizes 32, 36 and 38 in GG, H and HH cup sizes.
This it just its picture below.

You can click on this picture of Freya’s Cabaret Plunge Tankini to find it in just size 36G for $27.90 at Amazon.
Or use this Freya’s Cabaret Plunge Tankini at Natural Figures link to find it for about $22.38 in many (possibly all, I lack the time to check them all), of the 30 to 38D to GG size range! The product link

8/2015 Update: Amazon no longer has this style, but this is a picture of it.

You can use this Freya style pictured below using this Coco De Ville Low Plunge Bikini top link to find it for approx. $16 in the 30 to 38D to GG size range at Natural Figures.

This halter style pictured below is about $16 as well. You can use this Freya Swim Coco De Ville Halter Bikini top link to find it in the 30 to 38D to FF size range there.

Yes, it took about two weeks of checking back to these styles above to realize they all came from this Natural Figures eBay store!OK. I have Way Too Much going on these days...

One Very Helpful Search Extra at Natural Figures

While trying the search by bra size, (34HH), after selecting Freya swimwear, at this store I noticed this:
  • They only came up with one style when I asked for, however in their left column they also show: 
  • 2 Panache Swimwear styles
  • 2 Panache Super Bras
  • 2 Fantasie Bras
  • 1 Freya Bra
  • and 1 Maternity style For me, 
with their excellent prices, this makes it a great place to browse bras while browsing swimwear for great deals!

Out of curiosity I then looked for size 34H and just as I suspected, there are more of the additionally suggested styles in their left menu!

Naturally if you are looking for sizes in the D to G size range, all of these eBay stores, just like others online stores, will have a great deal more for you to choose from!



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