Saturday, March 22, 2014

Up to 50% Off DD Cup Swimwear

Figleaves, whose text link you can find at the top of this blog’s right column, is having an Up to 50% Off Mid-Season sale!
We can enjoy great discounts on dd+ swimwear by brands such as Fantasie, Cleo by Panache, Panache, Freya Swimwear and more!
Here is a look at some of the Pour Moi, (up to HH cup), swimwear styles I am finding at this sale, for $20 to $28!

Pour Moi Underwire Bikini Tops on Sale

Pour Moi’s Rio underwire bikini tops are on sale for $27.30 and still available in sizes 32DD to HH, 34G, 36E to HH and 38DD to HH!
 Rio Underwired Bikini Top 
There are side-tie and bikini shorts on sale in their Rio swimwear line as well and a Rio padded, more balconette like in style, underwire bikini tops on sale, for $19, with many sizes available in the 32 to 38D to G size range too!

Their Ditsy non-padded underwire bikini tops pictured below are on sale for $19.50 and available in sizes 32D, FF, H and HH, 34FF, H and HH, 36G to HH and 38G, H and HH!

Ditsy Floral Non Padded Underwired Bikini Top 
Matching Ditsy swim briefs are also on sale for $13.50 and available in sizes 8, 12, 16 and 18!

As it is, it seems hard to get a bra in the G to HH size range for less than $30, so I am rather enthused about these swimwear styles at this sale!

Pour Moi’s Crete, to H cup, Bikini Tops

While not actually at the sale, I saw this because the one piece swimsuit, (down to size 22), is: Pour Moi’s Crete underwire bikini tops are still available in 32D, F and H, 34D, 36D and F and 38G and H on sale for $19.50!
 Crete Underwired Bikini Top 
I am not finding matching swim briefs for this style, but a black pair you might already have in your swimwear wardrobe might work well…

There are plenty of other Pour Moi, and other great bikini and tankini separates and one piece bathing suits by other makers of d cup swimwear!

Sizes can be limited, but you can search by bra size, as well as brand, and other search options at Figleaves.

I do not know how long this Mid-Season Sale will last but I do know it is hard to get larger cup sizes swimwear for less than $30, so…



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