Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Fantasie DD Cup Swimwear Lines

Actually, this being Fantasie these new swimwear lines have styles that go up to HH cup sizes! In fact their Kashmir swimwear collection’s one piece style goes up to J cup sizes! First a look at Fantasie’s New

Santa Fe Underwire Bikini and Tankini Tops

Their colorful Santa Fe swimwear goes up to H cup sizes at Figleaves and G at Bare Necessities…
If you click on this Santa Fe underwire tankini top you can find if for a bit less at Bare Necessities this time!
Usually Figleaves has the best price between the two stores. That said, Figleaves still has the best prices, slightly wider size, both band and cup sizes, ranges and often more products in each swimwear line. However there are always exceptions..

This is the underwire bikini top in this new swimwear line and if you click on its picture you will find it for slightly less at Figleaves in the 32 to 38D to GG, 40D to G size range! Santa Fe UW Padded Balcony Bikini Top 
Bare Necessities has it for more in the 32 to 38D to G size range, and they do not have this Stunning Santa Fe belted Kaftan, below, at Figleaves!
 Santa Fe Belted Kaftan 
If you click on the bikini top or kaftan and go to Figleaves you can find the rest of this swimwear collection on the right side of their pages.
They have the Santa Fe fold and mid-rise bikini bottoms to go with these swim tops.

Fantasie’s Kashmir Swimwear Line

While Figleaves has both the regular, (32 – 40D to G and 42D to FF), balconette underwire bikini top in this Kashmir swimwear collection, only Figleaves has this larger cup size, 32-38GG, H and HH version of it.
 Kashmir UW Balcony Bikini Top Larger Cup 

Between these two stores on Bare Necessities has this underwire tankini top in this collection in the 32 - 38D to H, 40D to G size range. 
Figleaves has the fold swim briefs in this new for 2014 swimwear line and Bare Necessities has those and the, (all print), full coverage bikini bottom in this collection.

Both stores have this adjustable leg, underwire one piece style in this line, but if you click on this one’s picture you will find it in sizes 34 – 38D to J, 40D to HH, 42D to FF and 44D to F size range at Figleaves
 Kashmir UW V-Neck Adjustable Leg Swimsuit 
Bare Necessities has it in the 34-40D to GG size range, for slightly more $.

Both stores have the pretty boho style cover up dress in this collection too.
 Kashmir Shirt Dress 
Both stores also have new swimwear in by other brands and often are great places to check for sale styles too.
You can shop either by your bra or swimwear sizes to see what is available.
With the price of D and larger cup swimwear, it could easily be worth browsing the sale sections of these stores from time to time!



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