Monday, July 10, 2017

Large Cup Size Swimwear Savings at Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities and Her Room often have the same DD+ Swimwear styles. I tend toward Her Room because they tend to have a wider size selection and always have very detailed descriptions.

That said, sometimes we can find the same swimwear styles for around $10 less, which, especially if you are looking for bikini and tankini separates, those savings add up fast!


Fantasie’s Beqa Bikini and Tankini Swim Tops

Fantasie Swimwear's underwire tankini tops are still full price at $115 at Her Room, but now $102.99 at Bare Necessities and available in the 32 to 38D to GG size range.

You can click on this style’s picture to go straight to it and see if your size in that range is available!

 Fantasie Beqa Tankini Top 

Likewise this balcony underwire bikini top is still full price at Her Room for $74, but is now $65.99 at Bare Necessities in the 32 to 40D to GG size range!

 Fantasie Beqa Bikini Top 

Also, while the swim bottoms to go with these styles are still in the $52 to $58 price range at Her Room, they are currently in the $45.99 to $49.99 price range at Bare Necessities!

Besides having these swim tops and bottoms, they also have:
  • The Bandeau One Piece
  • A Bandeau Bikini Top 
  • and Kaftan Cover up 
in this Fantasie swimwear collection
all on sale now!

If you have the time, it is worth checking these prices out before purchasing. Alternately, one store may have the size top you need, but not the bottom…

Here’s hoping you and yours get more of a chance to swim and have fun this season than I am apt to! A busy time of change for me! It will be worth it, but I am spent…



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