Friday, July 15, 2016

Elomi’s Kissimee up to HH and Size 26 Swimwear in Red

I believe this brilliant Red is the third color in this Elomi’s best-selling Kissimee Swimwear collection. This beautifully crochet swimwear line features Elomi’s swim bra / bikini top, tankini top and so far Bigger Bras has both the mid-rise bikini bottom and adjustable length skirted swim bottom in this new red color. Elomi is an excellent choice in full figure underwire, bra sized swimwear!

We can also find some of these styles in red, and on sale in some of the previous colors, black and sky blue, (the latter is on sale), at Her Room. If you use this Elomi Kissimee Underwire Bikini Top link to go to them at Her Room, and scroll down, looking to your right, you can find the rest of what they have in this swimwear line.

The following are as seen at Bigger Bras, who has this collection in black, and possibly blue, listed separately.

Kissimee Bikini and Tankini Swimwear in Red

If you click on the picture of this underwire bikini top now you will find it in the 36 to 44DD to HH size range at Bigger Bras. It has four part cups with side support and adjustable straps for excellent support!


This is a best seller at Bigger Bras! The skirt of this swim brief can be adjusted to your liking and it, like the following styles is available there in sizes 16 to 26.


This tankini top has a split back with overlapping back panels. I believe it is made to be worn over Elomi’s swim bras, (either the one above or their ES7500), and is also a best selling style.


This is the Kissimee mid-rise bikini bottom in red, which you can also see pictured with the tankini top above.


I wish Elomi would make more swimwear, especially bikini styles, each summer. That said, I love the way the ones they come up with so far look and they tend to get excellent reviews.



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