Friday, July 17, 2015

50% to 70% Off Pureda Swimwear

Figleaves has Pureda Swimwear styles on sale at these great discount prices! Naturally sizes are limited, but you can shop by your bra and swimwear sizes there.

To go directly to these styles us this Shop Pureda Swimwear now link!

They have Pureda bikini tops for $24.90 to $43
and bikini bottoms from $11 to $15.90.

Naturally sizes are more limited on the lower priced styles, but here is an example:

If you click on this picture of Pureda’s Solids Hidden Wire Halterneck Bikini Top with Frill in Tangerine today you can find it for $25.80 in sizes: 36DD and 38D, DD, E and F.

Solids Hidden Wire Halterneck Bikini Top With Frill 

On the same page you can find the matching frill bikini bottoms for $16.50 in sizes X Small and Medium.

Enjoy this sale prices soon while supplies last!

Unlike Fantasie and other dd+ swimwear brands, I am not finding Pureda Swimwear at eBay stores at all.

Not that I search every swimwear store on line but I am only finding their styles at all at Figleaves and Bravissimo


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