Sunday, June 21, 2015

25% Off Prima Donna’s Cuba DD+ Swimwear

While the Bare Necessities 25% Off DD+ Swimwear discount ends, I believe today or tomorrow, I noticed this unique Prima Donna abstract leaf pattern collection there. These dd+ swimwear styles are also available at 25% off with that code!

Prima Donna’s Cuba Underwire Bikini and Tankini Swimwear

These are just pictures of these styles below, but you can use their Up to 50% Off Swimwear! Use code SWIMSALE! Valid 6/16-6/22. and shop bra sized, or dd+ swimwear to find them at Bare Necessities!

The tankini top is down to sizes 36 and 38D and E

However, they still have the underwire bikini top in this line in the 32 to 38D to G size range!

Both of these swim tops are underwire with foam lined cups support style.

They also both have fully adjustable straps that can be crossed in the back!

Bare Necessities has the bikini bottoms these styles are pictured with, in Medium and an adjustable leg cut style in sizes Med. And XL.

All of these qualify for the current 25% off discount.

I am not finding Prima Donna’s Cuba collection anywhere else yet…

Like all Prima Donna styles I have seen, they are truly pricey…

I think this is an exceptional cut and pattern,
so if I were to try Prima Donna dd+ swimwear, this might be the style and time!



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