Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Freya’s Leaving Stock Fast Penza DD+ Swimwear

I say leaving stock fast due to the limited sizes available of both styles of the underwire bikini tops in this Freya Swim line at Her Room and the Penza Plunge Bikini top are down to size 36D, (on sale for $33), and the wire free halter bikini tops down to size 34DD, (for $30!), at Bare Necessities…

I am finding the swim separates in Freya’s Penza collection for the same price at both Her Room, who has this Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon, and Amazon!

Penza Underwire Plunge and Sweetheart Bikini Tops

It appears Her Room and Amazon have roughly the same sizes of the 30E to F, 32 and 34D to GG, 36D to G and 38DD to G. Her Room tells you how many, (1 to 4), they have left,

I am including links to both here. If you click on this picture you will find this underwire bikini top, and the bottoms it is shown with at Her Room, who also has the best descriptions of these swimwear styles.

icon icon

You can find the rest of this swimwear collection available at Her Room by scrolling down a bit, looking to your right.

It appears to be just these two swim tops and the gathered bikini brief though they do suggest two other Freya Swimwear lines it coordinates nicely with!

Amazon some of Freya's Penza swimwear collection too. You can use this link to go there, and scrolling down, you will likely find the other swim tops and bottoms they currently have too.

You can find the Penza Sweetheart underwire padded bikini tops at Her Room, (by clicking on the bikini above and scrolling down a bit), available in limited quantities, (1 to 4), in what is left of the 30 and 32DD to GG, 34 and 36D to GG and 38D to G size range.

I figure I should post this now before even more of these bikini tops disappear.



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