Saturday, December 6, 2014

New DD+ Swimwear by Fantasie, Freya and Curvy Kate

Her Room has DD+ swimwear styles in from:
  • Freya Swim’s Floral Pop
  • Fantasies’ Cape Verde
  • and Curvy Kate’s new Starry Eyed swimwear lines! 
Just click on the pictures to learn more about them at Her Room. Once there you can find the rest of each swimwear collection they have by selecting the Collection tab a bit to the right of each swimwear style’s Details.

Freya Swim’s Floral Pop Bikini Separates

The lightly padded underwire bikini top pictured below in this new Freya swimwear line is available in sizes 28D to G, 30 to 36D to GG and 38D to G at Her Room.

They also have the underwire bandless bikini top from this beautifully colored Freya collection and the classic swim briefs!

Update: 12/10/14 Found this Photo Shoot of Freya 2015 Swimwear, which not only include this Floral Pop bikini top and the tankini from this swimwear collection, just past 1/2 way through. This video shows how we do not have to be rail thin to wear Freya Swimwear!

Fantasies’ Cape Verde Up to 30 to 40GG Bikini Swimwear

This is the gathered full cup underwire bikini top from this collection, available in sizes 30 to 40D to GG.

A padded plunge style is also available at Her Room, as well as the print asymmetrical swim brief and the solid blue mid-rise swim brief to coordinate with this swimwear collection.

Curvy Kate’s new Starry Eyed Up to 40H Bikini Swimwear styles

This is the Starry Eyed fuller underwire bikini top, (they have the halter style too!), pictured with the adjustable swim briefs from this collection. This print is actually tiny stars!

This style is available in sizes 30D to F, 32 to 38D to H and 40E to H.

The halter style comes in sizes 30D to F, 32 and 34D to H, 36D to GG and 38D to G.
A mid-rise adjustable swim brief, called Mini brief is also available.
It and the one pictured above are available in sizes XS to 2X or 8 to 18.

It is worth noting, and using, as I have in the past:
Her Room’s $20 gift certificate we get if we spend more than $100,
until December 15, 2014.
It comes with your order and this year is good until February 1st 2015!

The banner for this is across the tops of the swimwear styles above, and no doubt other pages, at Her Room!



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