Friday, July 11, 2014

New Freya Swim Collection and Print

Figleaves has a small selection of Freya Swimwear’s new Samara bikini tops and bottoms and a new print in their popular Tootsie swimwear line!

Tootsie’s New Poppy Check Bikini Styles

So far, if you click on this sweetheart neckline underwire bikini top from Freya’s Tootsie line you can also the underwire bandeau bikini tops, (which are available in up to GG cup sizes!) if you scroll through their collection on the right side of their pages.

This bikini top is available in what looks like most of the 28 to 38D to G size range for $64 at Figleaves!
 Toostie Underwired Sweetheart Padded Bikini Top 
They also have the matching fold and classic bikini briefs in this new print. 
If you keep scrolling you can find the older prints, which likely have sale prices and reviews!

Freya’s Samara Swimwear Line

Currently I am only finding this bandless, plunge underwire bikini top and the classic swim briefs in this swimwear collection at Figleaves.
If you click on its picture you can find it in most of the size 30 to 38C to FF size range for $56!
 Samara Underwired Bandless Halter Bikini Top

Hard to find Swimwear Sizes and Sales

It is really nice to get swimwear, especially if you have a hard to find size when they first come in to a store.
It increases the chances of getting a hard to find size, and this is likely why you are here.
It is why I ended up researching, and enthusing about large cup swimwear in the first place.

Do not rule out sales such as;
Figleaves’ current End of Season, Now in Final Reductions up to 60% Off Sale! 

We can browse their store and sales too by our sizes!

Granted, when I did I only came up with 1 bikini top for my 34HH size, but it was actually available in 34HH, and plenty of other sizes 30 to 38H to JJ for $49.30!

This is different from when I try this at Bare Necessities, who tend to come up with styles available in Sister Sizes.

All well and good, except if I go up a band size the bikini top or bra would just slip up my back…

In my experience, the larger band sizes, with smaller cup sizes are the sister sizes most available, to me anyway…

One more think I really like about Figleaves!



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