Thursday, December 5, 2013

Freya’s Lindy and Jitterbug Swimwear Still Available

Plenty of women liked Freya’s Lindy Hop, including Busts 4 Justice’s writer, whose review of that line’s bikini styles you can read about here, where she calls it Her Favorite Bikini Ever, this is high praise indeed!

I very much loved the look of Freya’s Jitterbug swimwear collection, but pretty much have to hold out for HH and J size swimwear…

I am going to show this line 1st, just because of its great color! You can mix and match the Lindy Hop and Jitterbug swimwear styles too!

I am finding these styles, New with Tags, for Buy it Now, (rather than bid), Prices at eBay Stores!

Freya’s Jitterbug Swimwear, Tops starting at $33.50

The halter underwire bikini top actually is just $4.07, but only available in size 30D. Most of the other listings for this style you will find using this Freya Jitterbug Swimwear at eBay stores link today are in the $33 - $37 price range.
This is just a picture; use the text link to browse these Jitterbug swimwear styles!

I am finding a variety of sizes among the bikini tops pictured above, which basically come down to; Among the 4 listing for them, besides the $4.07 one,
apparently sizes 28C, DD and FF, and many, possibly most, sizes 30 to 38D to GG are still available.

Currently there are 3 soft cup plunge tankini tops available in this line, in the $38 to $54 price range. The available sizes on these 36E, 30 + 32D and E and a variety of sizes between band sizes 30, 32 and 36, all cup sizes D to F.

This is just a picture of this plunge tankini top, with its especially nice empire band with tie accent!

Fold and reversible side-tie bikini bottoms in the $15 to $24 price range.

Busts 4 Justice does mention that Freya’s Lindy Hop is rather unremarkable on the hanger, or lying flat, which is how you will see most swimwear displayed at eBay stores. She assures us that its balcony bikini top is very supportive and both it and its matching swim bottoms are very flattering!

Freya’s Lindy Hop Swimwear, Tops starting at $36

Actually the balcony style starts at $36, the halter at $28 and the one piece halter in this line at $41 today if you use this Freya’s Lindy Hop Swimwear at eBay stores link to browse these styles at eBay stores today.
This is just a picture, one from the above-mentioned Busts 4 Justice article, of the balcony underwire bikini top and the available swim briefs currently available from this swimwear line.

Sadly, I am only finding these balcony swim tops in one listing, for $36 in sizes 30 and 32D and DD.

There is an abundance of these soft cup halter bikini tops and swim briefs for $46 to $53 in sizes:

  • 32E / Small 
  • 34DD / Large 
  • 36DD / Large 
  • 36F / Large

This is just a picture of these sets, 
just use this swimwear line’s text link to browse these styles.

These one piece swimsuits of this collection are available in size 36E and a variety of sizes 34 and 36C, D and E.  This is a soft cup support style, and this is, again, just a picture of this flattering swimsuit!

Like the the balcony bikini top, there is only one listing for the  swim briefs in this line, and only sizes XS, L and XL are available for $21...

So I better post this now before what is left of these great Freya swimwear styles, from what I believe was just last year, go completely out of stock anywhere!

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