Friday, November 15, 2013

Cleo’s Tilly DD+ Swimwear: Stores vs. eBay Stores

I was surprised to run into Cleo by Panache’s Tilly underwire tankini top for less than eBay store prices, and available in plenty of sizes at Her Room.

Some of Cleo’s Tilly line in Stores

If you click on its picture below you can find it in most sizes 30F, 32 + 34D – G, 36D - FF and 38D for just $29.99!
2 Style of bikini bottoms from their Tilly collection are on sale at Her Room for $19.95!

This balcony style underwire bikini top is also available in sizes 30FF, 32D + G, 34D - J, 36D - GG and 38FF, G and GG, for just $29.95 as well, at Her Room!
Bare Necessities actually has them for even less!
  • The tankini top $22.99, but only in size 30E 
  • The bikini top for just $16.99, only size 38DD 
Figleaves is out of this collection and I do not know if Bravissimo or Bigger Bras had this collection, but they do not now.

These Swimwear styles at eBay Stores

Usually prices at eBay stores, even ‘New with Tags, at Buy it Now, rather than bid prices’, the only ones I look at there, are less than most online stores.
Not this time!

Use this Cleo by Panache Tilly tankini / dress at eBay stores for approx. $35 link today to find it for $34.77, at the moment, in various sizes 28 – 36 and cup sizes D to G!

This is just a picture of it from that page. I believe it shows the draw strings of this tankini swimwear style better!

You can use this Cleo by Panache Swimwear, new, with tags at eBay stores link to view all their available styles there.

There is one more listing there today for the same underwire tankini top, for $40.97, and available in sizes 30 – 34DD to G…
We can find the Tilly balcony bikini top and swim briefs in less sizes, but for less than at Her Room. Naturally this only matters if they have your size…

You will find other Cleo by Panache swimwear, (as some bras and panties by them), using the link above.

Usually eBay Store prices are better, even if the sizes are limited.

This time, likely as because we are heading toward winter, (and perhaps stores are eager to move their clearance swimwear?), some stores will have the better price and selection on some large cup swimwear styles!

I will look out for more!

If anyone wants me to look for a particular style of Panache, Freya, Fantasie or similar full bust swimwear style, please just drop me a comment below about it!



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