Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who has the Best Prices on Freya’s Fever Swimwear line

Also, who has the most colors and sizes in this oh so popular DD+ swimwear line. Well, just currently, but it is a start.

Freya’s Fever Swimwear at Her Room

For best selection in terms of colors, sale colors and sizes available, Her Room wins, currently, on this Freya Swimwear line!

Freya’s Fever line seems to come out in new colors every year. Even so, it is so popular that certain sizes in some styles run out of stock very fast: Notably the sweetheart neckline, underwire bikini top in size 36GG and underwire plunge bikini tops in size 28FF at Her Room, (where you can order now and get them by mid-August!), to name just a few.

Her Room has styles in the Fever line in black and, this year’s magenta, at full price. They also have Fever styles in reef, red and blue discounted!

They also seem to have the widest size range in some, if not all, of these styles. The widest, upon my searching today, appears to be this underwire plunge bikini top, which comes in the above-mentioned colors in the 28D to GG, 30 to 38D to JJ size range.

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To give you an idea of the price range, In the above style, this bikini top is:
  • full price $54, black and magenta
  • $42.92 in blue
  • $39.95 in red and reef colors

Fever Swimwear at other stores

The same style is:

  • The same full price at Bare Necessities, and $36.99 in reef$58 
  • Figleaves has had the best prices on large cup swimwear, even full price, most of 2013. They often have sales on Fantasie and Freya swimwear styles!
Click on Freya’s Fever underwire tankini top to check it out in black, blue and magenta in sizes 30 - 36D to HH and 38D to GG size range at Figleaves. You can find the rest of this swimwear line, including the Fever Underwire Plunge Bikini top for up to GG and a separate listing for Larger, 30 - 38H to JJ, size range there too. These will be on the right side of the page clicking on this tankini top will take you to!
Fever Underwired Deep Plunge Tankini Top

Fever Swimwear at eBay Stores

Using this FreyaFever Swimwear, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices link this morning, I am finding 115 styles, in a variety of sizes and colors:

  • Swim briefs starting at $14.39
  • Skirted swim bottoms for $48
  • Underwire sweetheart neckline bikini tops starting at $26.95
  • Plunge underwire bikini tops, (the style pictured above), starting at $24.85
  • Underwire one piece starting at $30
and one underwire tankini top, as pictured above, for $78, (that is full price), this AM.
Best Prices VS Selection Re: Freya Fever Swimwear
It very much depends on what you want and which sizes are available at each place.

If you are just looking for a top, or bottom, or one piece swimsuit, often an eBay store is the place to go. Or at least the best place to checkout first!

If you are looking to put together a bikini, or tankini, with matching swim bottoms, I believe currently Her Room, (in the Fever swimwear line), is the best place to start your search.

Either that or the 2nd place after making sure that eBay stores cannot meet your needs at a better price…

This is not always the case.

You just have to check out each style in all places you might feel comfortable buying from, see if what you want style, size and color at each place on every swimwear style.
This page has a listing of likely brands links start searches with to eBay stores.

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